Trick Or Treat

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It's been almost a month since my last post, so thought I would throw one up during my days off. Since Blurt counts comments as posts, this post will count as my 4000th post here since joining almost three years ago.

I'm not sure where all that time left really, and despite the many chapters of drama that have rolled through it doesn't feel even close to being three years. Although the Blurt we have today is far different than the one I joined, for better and worse.

I'll admit in hindsight I miss those early days, although it took some adjusting being a minority in mindset and culture here. I'm thankful for the opportunity I was presented to open myself to other cultures and viewpoints in my time.

I think what amazed me the most was realizing that despite the harsh conditions many who were here then live under, there was a kind of innocence that seemed to defy such conditions. A respect that is often no longer one of the cornerstones of the country I live in. In some ways the spirit reminded me some of my childhood all those many decades ago when society here wasn't addicted as much to a hedonistic approach to life.

I'll always be grateful for that initial experience here, and the kindness of so many to accept me into their world with such respect.

Thank you.

Halloween Is Almost Here

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I stopped enjoying Halloween many years ago, even when my son was a child. Before my epiphany on scripts was fully developed even.

There was an innocence to it back when I was a kid, one where parents weren't so afraid of human monsters poisoning the candy, abducting ones kids and other such worries that seem so prevalent anymore.

They seem to hold them a lot at school gyms and city convention centers now.

I can remember as a kid walking with my friends without parental supervision by the age of eight or so. Seeing all the houses decorated, the folks who would dress up to pass out the candy. Some of these folks (usually other parents in the neighborhood) would really go all out to scare you.

I think one thing that changed so much that led to this fear system that destroyed Halloween was we used to have most of the dads in the home. They were either walking their young ones around, or at their doors and patios enough no one would ever dream of pulling anything sinister. In my neighborhood cops weren't called till after street justice was doled out. Men and dads were more like that when I was a kid.

I have to work this Halloween, which I'm not looking forward to. I deal with the public very near a college. I'm in awe at how entitled and immature so many in college are these days. Coupled with my low threshold anymore for having patience for what often seems to slip from immature to mental illness, it promises to be an eventful night.

I guess it would be fair to say that given the breakdown of structure and mores I view it as more of a trick these days. The treat has long been gone.

Blurt Observations

I've noticed over the last couple of months the support for the FUD group has been dwindling. Some who were initially pretending the mute button was censorship now employing its use themselves.

With this calming, the price of Blurt has seemed to stabilize a little. Although to qualify this it would take very little selling to drive the price downwards again as the daily volume according to CoinGecko in the last 24 hours was 38.88.

Returning to the calming, I've found one of the more interesting aspects from this group to be the common saying towards the left.

They eat their own.

I think this is a natural end point when one deals in absolutes, ones that leave no room for other views. There are extremists everywhere one looks, ones that will identify with certain things you believe, and then crucify you after an alliance for not checking off the other boxes they demand one would check.

I've come to the conclusion that if ever there is to be any semblance of freedom, or decentralization or voluntarism or whatever the hell one wants to call it, the answer seems to be on a form of communism.

Not that big government, we will control everything shit that seems to happen whenever communism is used to gain support.

I don't believe it's possible for communism to happen except in small groups. Same for any other system really. Once the group gets large enough, the power hungry predators collude together and form their enforcers to take over and control.

So a sense of community (communism) where a small group are willing to work together, sacrifice for one another and ensure the group is greater than its parts. Where there is no need for enforcers to make people act a certain way, no need to police to a micro level that is insane. Because the contributions are gladly made and often can be viewed as an honor to be a part of.

Kind of like we used to have when I was a kid with the dads and men in the neighborhood looking after all the kids, not just their own. Nowadays many dads can't even look after their own. In my country anything decent or moral has been labeled toxic, creating a disconnect that spreads dis-ease and fear while allowing the predators to roam as they will.

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First of all congratulations on the 4000th Post, it takes a lot of effort to come this far. Btw I have never celebrated Halloween in my life even once, it's not in the Indian culture but nowadays the younger generation do, they have Halloween parties with some funny makeups.
When the communities are small, there is peace and stability but as soon as it starts growing and spreading then the power issues do come into play. The more the diversity the more the game gets bigger.
My one funda for all these platforms are "Mind your own Business" It may not sound very good, but in the last 5 and a half years overall, a lot of drama I have seen and what I have learned from all of it is stay on your path and do your job till it suits you, work on the overall growth and contribute as much as you can without getting into any politics.
You would also see that I stay neutral on most of the controversies. It's not that I am afraid of facing them, but I have experienced it myself first hand that it's energy drain and it effects me a lot mentally, so in the best interest of my own self I prefer to keep away from all of it.


I normally stay out of the drama, but have made many exceptions where it comes to Blurt. I appreciate very much the intent co founder Jacob had and dislike very much those who come and try to sully it as some cheap commodity.

I watch many demand changes to this or that which usually involves disrespecting the property rights of another. How much simpler if they would just go and create their own structure the way they advocate for and leave alone the ones built already with a different vision.

I've always been drawn and humbled by your self control. My partner is much the same way which has been at times a good balance for me.

Absolutely I agree that if there is so much problem with the existing system then go ahead and create your own systems rather then sabotaging the ones which are already unified.
Thank you for the compliments :-)

Are you stupid or what? Don't you really see the difference between mute function and censorship on

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I love that you are here confirming you are also a hypocrite and not just a control freak liar as you have proven with your fake stake liars narrative.

You say it's censorship, yet enjoy the so called censorship feature yourself, and even brag openly about enjoying it.



Pick a lane hypocrite.

ok, stupid

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I remember those times, my dear soul friend, we used to converse in long comment lines. I think that everything is a cycle, but finally when things are done thinking about the good and with love, everything shines with its own light.
I am grateful to Blurt, because he has given me the opportunity to meet many people from different parts of the world, like a true time tunnel.

I do not like this date, actually here in my country it has been celebrated recently because we acquired that culture, but it is not our tradition.
I share a hug and I hope you are well next to your loved ones.
Good vibes.


A text that echoes something, speaks of something that gives memories of being young, being a child. A time when life experience and the observation and experience gained was not yet very much, corresponding to young life.

I myself idealise many things from my childhood that probably weren't like that for those who were older and parents at the time, and such speeches as we - now adults - brandish were brandished at all times.

But what I think has changed is the demand and the sense of entitlement to a smoothly functioning environment, where people - in this country only since about sixty years again - have become very accustomed to prosperity and material luxury.

The days when parents (fathers) were at home, that also applies to mothers and neighbours etc. are gone. - a presence I have always suspected, for example, less in the big cities than in the countryside (where I grew up). I somehow associate this with "having less", "expecting less", i.e. when people are more dependent on each other and therefore in principle feel somewhat compelled to get along with each other. You can certainly argue against that, but if you don't live in prosperity, you have to behave better towards your fellow human beings than the other way round if you don't need to. Not that such generalisations are valid in principle, it's just that I think that from time to time.

Losing innocence, one's own or seeing others lose it, I associate with melancholy. I don't tend to spend too much time on it, melancholy can be very uncomfortable if I give it too much space :) So you can enjoy the present with little things as if you were seeing it for the first time, despite the experiential life, that's worth a lot.

That's why I like to be with or talk to foreigners, because when they come from an environment that didn't offer all the comforts we're so used to here, they're like a bridge or connection to something else, long gone or forgotten.

I recently moved to a new part of town, there is less wealth here and you can see it immediately in the prices in the shops and the people. People actually haggle over prices in business here! I haven't experienced that for ages.

Below me is a very small tailor shop and I have made friends with the owner, he is from Afghanistan and we have a very good chat, especially because I give him a hand in the shop and learn from him. Since I sew myself, it benefits me a lot. He's way too cheap and could probably charge twice as much for his work in the area where I come from. He enjoys my company because he likes to talk and we have tea together every time. I guess we have an "I help you, you help me" liason.

Glad you had time off and could write something. You sound relaxed.

There has definitely been many changes to a darker environment that was not here when I was young. It wasn't solely the innocence of the child, things were better.

Having said that, the magic of the experience was greatly enhanced by my childs eyes. I explained more here in another comment if you wish to read (I don't want to retype it). It has an English version after the Spanish one.

People actually haggle over prices in business here! I haven't experienced that for ages.

I love the haggling. I made my living for a long time in a swap meet that was predominantly made up of Mexicans, and there were many treasures I gained there. One of them being an ability to communicate with them despite a language barrier I was never able to overcome. It's amazing when one realizes language isn't the only means of communication.

I enjoyed being immersed so much into their culture, the only thing about it that saddened me was over the years once night came most of the white people stopped coming. Not sure why they grew afraid, as I never felt threatened even towards the end when I was one of only a handful of white people there among ten to twenty thousand Mexicans.

Don't get me wrong, there were some that weren't friendly to white people, but overall most were quite decent and open. I made a lot of friendly acquaintances during my time there, regulars who were happy to see me and likewise.

I associate with melancholy. I don't tend to spend too much time on it, melancholy can be very uncomfortable if I give it too much space

Hahaha, indeed. I can be quite melancholy for sure. My dream is to make enough money to move to the country away from most of this so called progress and work alchemy with the soil.

Thanks for such a nice comment, I always appreciate when you stop by. :)

Very welcome :)

I think you might find it worth to read what I once wrote about the topic of childhood- and other forms of traditions and memories. It very much touches what you mentioned here (and is also expressed in the comment section) and I wouldn't know how better to answer than with this article of mine.

It's amazing when one realizes language isn't the only means of communication.

Yes, it shows itself that this is so once you make the very experience to use other forms of communication and how different and "other" this can be experienced. I really like it, for it takes away many prejudices one might hold towards a different culture.

Working in simple business like market stalls I have a strong connection to, though I never made it my job myself. But the work behind the crafts or goods sold, I find appreciative. How good that you had this kind of experience yourself, I remember you were talking about it once in a while.

Those were some interesting (and harsh) rituals.

I revolted very early against many rituals here, sensing the darkness behind them and rejecting them.

As I grew and sought to understand more, I came across an understanding that rituals are intended for a focus quite often, one that allows the bird out of its cage for lack of a better phrase. I don't understand in the case of many however what the original intent was (such as the ones you mention in the post you shared).

As for the market stall, it was good for me. I normally have little patience for people, but there were so many at the market I used to sell at that I came across so many decent people who I enjoyed interacting with. So many stories shared, experiences that helped me grow. Mentors when I was much younger that taught me so much about interactions. Not to mention seeing all the many treasures one wouldn't find elsewhere. It changed a lot over the decades, but there was a magic to it when I was a child and young man.

Thank you, I'm glad you read the text. The research on it was very interesting.

I don't understand in the case of many however what the original intent was (such as the ones you mention in the post you shared).

Which ones do you mean?

The mentors or supporters you had as a young person, I remember those with great pleasure. There were some of those in my life as well. They were friendly and clearly enjoyed passing on their knowledge and experience. I later found myself happily taking younger people under my wing and introducing them to the intricacies of the profession or giving them a wider perspective on the work.

The nicest compliment I received from the young people was how much they learned from me and were still pleased about it years later when we ran into each other again. I was not aware at the time that they had perceived my attention directed at them as something special, just as I myself, as a younger me, had perceived older people as being particularly attentive to me. I find these experiences valuable and regret somewhat that I am not working with young people at the moment.

There were many aspects I found curious.

Breaking of crockery, men having to sweep until a virgin kisses them. Picturing some of the more homely poor men sweeping for a very long time, hahaha.

The menstrual slapping seemed bizarre to me.

" I don't understand why little Helga ran away from home."

"It was coming close to the time of the menstrual."

The two older women nodded knowingly, remembering the humility and pain of the slap as though it were yesterday. Also remembering it was not the worst pain they had ever felt. Silently they wished the girl well, daydreaming how their lives might have been had they been as brave as Helga and ran away.

I play, but still. Yikes.

I play, but still. Yikes.

HaHa! That made me laugh. :D


Will return in the next few days to answer. :)

I know some parents that are almost useless at looking after their children 😩

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Yeah, horrible parenting is rampant now here in the U.S. The current welfare/family court system is designed to allow those least capable to flourish while making it difficult for some of the more competent who wish to avoid handouts stolen from their neighbors wallets.

Big government replaced men and has encouraged the punishment of men who seek to evade their push to the bottom of the pecking order. You see this especially anywhere that has to do with children. I've read several cases in recent years where a father who took his daughter on visitation on a trip has had cops called on him because it was suspected she was abducted or that he was up to no good.

I find myself often correcting those who say bad parents when a child is out of control, asking (if I don't know) if the dad is actually allowed legally to be in the childs life other than as a very part time extension.

The statistics say that 1 in 4 children are growing up without any form of dad in the home, which means that the homes without biological dad are much greater than that.

Based on criminal statistics and other negative stats, a great number of the issues involving out of control children fall within this segment where biological dad has been ordered to take a back seat.

In young boys this has created a crises whereby boys aren't being taught how to be men, taught how to take responsibility for their agency and such.

According to this site here are just a few shocking statistics.

85% of youth who are currently in prison grew up in a fatherless home. (Texas Department of Corrections)

39% of students in the United States, from the first grade to their senior year of high school, do not have a father at home. Children without a father are 4 times more likely to be living in poverty than children with a father. (National Public Radio)

In 2011, 44% of children in homes headed by a single mother were living in poverty. Just 12% of children in married-couple families were living in poverty. (U.S. Census Bureau)

So when I hear the term the parents my first assumption is likely it is parent (not plural) and dad hasn't been there to put his boot up little Johnnys ass the way it used to work. Instead they get the its ok honey, your a good boy etc etc when he isn't a good boy at all.

The system is very similar here in Australia. My sister is like that with her children almost no discipline whatsoever. The children mostly told they are good etc and this comes from both mum and dad. This has created children of 12 and 14 years old to be very selfish, lazy, lying and disrespectful it makes me sick just being near them. Sad seeing what most of this next generation are turning out like😫

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Yeah, sadly many men (here) cower and allow the female to call all the shots. Afraid they will be forced from the home and lose their children and income, as it is called toxic to deviate from the female imperative. I used to tell my ex her definition of a controlling man was a man who wouldn't do as she demanded, lol.

I long ago concluded that I would rather die at home than roll the dice a hospital would prolong my life. Not just because most medicine is poison, but also due to those younger folks working in the field. I remember watching a video a couple of years ago of a man in a nursing home. His family believed he was being abused there and set up hidden cameras.

On the night he died, he was having convulsions and before he finally died the entire staff and head nurse were in his room, laughing as they stood watching, none trying to assist him in anyway.

Yeah, I'll die in the comfort of my home thank you.

I'll most likely head off in to the forest then go to hospital these days.

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The way shit is falling, thinking the forest might be where all the sane folks go very soon. Then the question is are they going to hunt folks like animals in the forest.

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