The Illumination Of The Shadow Part Seven: Dutroux The Ritual Abuse Connection

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The Abrasax Distraction?

A reminder that you are reading part seven of a ( #blurt original) fifteen-part series. The introduction can be found here, the first part here, the second part can be found here, part three here, part four here, part five here, and part six here

After nearly fourty years of observation, research, and direct experience, I very much contend that there is an inverted spiritual philosophy that binds the direction of the overarching agenda. One that for thousands of years has galvanised their conspiracy and advanced it beyond the limitations of a human lifetime. Equally, just because information appears to corroborate our perspectives, it shouldn't prohibit the scrutiny of a critical eye.

Whilst multiple witnesses speak of a ritualistic and Satanic (Saturnian) element to the abuse they suffered, none of them mention either the Abrasax cult or any of its members. Yet in the early days of the case such connections and speculations were rife throughout the echo chambers of mainstream media. This leads me ponder whether they were used as a convenient smokescreen, an investigational cul de sac that restrained further investigation, one that plays into the narrative of "Satanic panic".

Brussels Satanic sects involved in bizarre rites including human sacrifice are being linked by Belgian police with this summer's string of grisly paedophile murders in which at least four children died. Five witnesses came forward last week and described how black masses were held, at which children were killed in front of audiences said to have included prominent members of Belgian society.

Peter Conradi, “Satanic Links to Belgian Murder Trial": Sunday Times: December 29, 1996.

The above article alludes to the accusation that the Satanic Abrasax cult was implicated and connected to the ritualistic elements of the case. The circumstantial connection and subsequent raid on the cult were prompted by the discovery of a letter in the home of Dutroux accomplice Bernard Weinstein. Prior to the "discovery" of the letter, police had found the body of Weinstein next to the bodies of the kidnapped An and Eefje (apparently too old for the network), all of which had been buried alive.


As documented in the Irish Times.

The television showed police taking away bags of papers, video cassettes, and a refrigerator. It said they also took away black magic ritual implements and human skulls. RTBF said the raid had been prompted by the discovery of an undated letter addressed to someone named Bernard asking him to remind someone else that a special ceremony was approaching and to remember a "special gift". Source


The letter was alleged to have been signed by Anubis, who was the assumed name of high priestess Francis "Anubis-Moloch" Desmedt. As noted by the numerous articles the subsequent raid was high profile, in light of the circumstantial nature of the evidence, curiously so.

On page 277 of the X dossiers, it is further noted that within the official report of the search there is no mention of the above letter, that it appeared at a later date.

I have found the below witness statement online, in an article comment section. I do not know the researchers discussing it, and it is not a statement I found elsewhere in my investigation. I will concede that due to the scale of the information I may have missed it, or it became lost in translation. The statement points to the possibility that the cult leaders were tipped off about the impending raid.

Police Statement 112.039 21/12/1996 BDE CHARL JARON - INTERVIEW of
VERBRUCH Monique (07/06/1957) - Volunteered to give a statement. On 20/12/1996 a van containing 6 men and one woman moved, in two trips, cartons and a piano from 223 rue Vandervelde. Written on the side of the van was 'MUSEES DES ARTS ROYAUX DE BRUXELLES'. Source

Lastly, in relation to the above police statement, it is referenced (requires translation) in publication De Spiegel, that four of the police officers (including one that was the cults treasurer) were Abrasax members. This article further alludes to the potential that the cult was tipped off by an insider.


Are we observing an attempt to muddy the waters? To discredit any future claims of ritual abuse? Certainly, in my experience and research, the galvanising philosophy of individuals connected to these networks could be considered as the most closely guarded secret of them all, one they have had thousands of years to obscure behind layers of symbology, allegory, and deception. Certainly, after the public humiliation of inconclusive evidence, the ritualistic aspect of the case was closed, never to be re-opened.

Again, there is no mention of the Abrasax cult in any of the X-files witness statements, and beyond newspaper articles and an obscure police statement, there is little of substance. Still, I leave these reference points for those that may wish carry out further research. From here we shall continue with the witness testimony of ritual abuse.

Witness Testimony Of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Ritual abuse is often asscociated with false memory syndrome. Equally, the curiously well funded and recently disbanded False Memory Syndrome Foundation, contained some very questionable board members. Including MK-Ultra connected Dr. Martin T. Orne, and Dr Jolyon "Joly" West, who as we shall discover in later chapters, is heavily linked to the Rockefeller funded Macy conferences and the subsequent mind control aspirations of project MK-Ultra.

Witness T4 spoke of rituals where “incantations in an unknown language” were being chanted.

Brief summary of T4 testimony in PV 118.220, December 4, 1996: "In 1987, he met a psychotherapist (JOHANA) and a paramedical (EVA). He attended a Black Mass in the suburbs of Gent in May 1987. A Satanic Mass. There was animal sacrifice through evisceration... The blood of the animals was drunk by the participants. JOHANA and EVA were present. He reports that children are sacrificed in the USA. In Holland, the Satanic movement has ties to the child abuse network. T4 was not able to attend the whole ceremony. Description of the villa. Luxurious vehicles... T4 brought there in a big black Mercedes with dark leather seats, a minibar and telephone - Dutch license plate (eyes were covered). The Church of Satan was directed at the time by Anton LaVey. They spoke about picking up a certain Armand in Mechelen. A drive of twenty minutes after leaving the freeway Brussels-Gent. JOHANA and EVA signaled that there were members of parliament and other personalities... Incantation in an unknown language. Priests and priestesses are naked under their robes. Everybody with robes and masks. Giving of money and requests for witchcraft. Source

It was at the ASCO factory where witness statements spoke of videotaped child sacrifices. From here, we will begin to consider some of the ritualistic elements that have become interwoven with the case.

“X1 recognizes two places where sacrifices of children have taken place during videotaped parties. ASCO factory. Axory Parcels firm. Sterrebeekstraat in Zaventem. (PV 116.253, November 30, 1996)

His lawyers alluded to reports of satanic cults and child sacrifice by shadowy networks. Source

The witness statements of X4 and Nathalie W implicate Prince Alexandre de Merode (the House of Merode were nobles of the Holy Roman Empire - and have connections to Bonvoisin, Boeynants and the Cercle des Nations) as being present at black mass rituals where children were abused and tortured, babies were murdered, and adults and animals were sacrificed by "men in black hoods." This is further referenced on page 327 of the X Dossiers. Equally, there is a continuing theme of depravity throughout several statements.

PV 150.006, February 20, 1997: "Contact with Catharina. Contact with Meert on 17 and 31/01/97. Person of 60 years old, whose name is Groen (according to her). Her father is a very rich business man who owns a villa in Lugano. All her life Catharina has been abused by her father and she has knowledge about satanic feasts. She accommodates Ruth Chapman, who is a former victim-author of a satanic sect. She suspects her to be again a member of the sect. Chapman handed her documents and disks that would be of great value. Catharina gave them to the gendarmerie. Chapman would also be part of a pedophile network and her mission would be to kidnap children in Belgium to be brought to Holland for pedophile movies. Catharina says to have undergone several abortions. Source

Amongst others, policewoman witness X2 also names two Merode brothers. It's noted that she is potentially alluding to Prince Baudouin de Merode and his brother Lionel, the former being the president of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

PV 117.536, November 26, 1996: "In mid-'86 Castiaux invites X2 to an important evening in Woluwe. A big villa with swimming pool close to the shopping center. He [Castiaux] is one of the promoters and she must help him. Castiaux is a member of the Rotary Club. Present: de Bonvoisin - Georges Desir - two brothers of de Merode - de Meeus (Walibi [amusement park]) - the Prince and Princess of Chimay - le Comte Emmanuel de Lichtervelde - Carteuvels - the Count d’Urssel. X2 leaves the location about 02-03.00 AM." X2 also attended 5 or 6 meetings at Chimay Castle where hunts of young children were organized. She saw the Lippens brothers there, but didn't see the hunts herself, and only heard the agonizing screams of young children in the forest. From statements made by those around her she concluded that the children were being hunted. Source

Below are a couple of witness statements from Nathalie W and X4. Allegedly they implicate Prince Alexandre De Merode in the ritualistic aspects of the case. The history of the House of Merode can be found here

(PV 150.035, January 30, 1997): ""Murder-around... In a circle around fire - have some candles - everybody is standing except the baby and the sheep - the baby cries - he cannot cry - he cannot breathe because he is impure - and it is a boy." She describes the murder of the baby and how his blood is mixed with that of the slaughtered sheep - Then they burn the baby and the sheep, and everybody is having sex with each other - the monster has left. They tear out the heart of the baby. She describes some signs that she noticed (cross - stars). ." Prince Alexandre de Merode and at least a dozen others were present, including her father. Natalie W

PV 116.780: To remember Vincent (later alleged to be Prince Alexandre de Merode) is very painful. Wat. would have participated in a "black mass" with other minors. Wat, relived some scenes of the past and was terrorized by them. She speaks of minors marked with a red iron and human sacrifices. She also speaks of prepared human meat that the minors have to eat. She speaks of the presence in these masses of acertain Claudio and Prince Alexander De Merode.X4

Prince Alexandre de Merode

Whilst unrelated to the case but in the interest of exploring connections. Prince Amaury de Merode was a large shareholder in the Société Générale de Belgique that (as I documented in the last chapter) further connects the Bonvoisin, Lippens, Solvay, and Jannsen families. Alongside accused Etienne Davignon, and Count Maurice Lippens, Prince Amaury was a member of the support committee for the Belgian Kids Fund. He was married to Princess Marie-Claire de Croy whose family are historically synonymous with the aforementioned title of Prince de Chimay. Both in this and the previous chapter, I referenced that witness X2 alleged that child hunts took place at Castle Chimay.

I pause to note the intermarriage of Countess Alice de Riquet de Caraman-Chimay and Prince Giovanni Battista Borghese.

Among the more illustrious members of the House of Croÿ were two bishop-dukes of Cambrai, two cardinals (one being also the Archbishop of Toledo and another being the Archbishop of Rouen), five bishops (those of Thérouanne, Tournai, Cammin, Arras, and Ypres), one prime minister of Philip the Good, one finance minister, archchancellor, chief admiral, godfather and tutor of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (himself godfather to another Croÿ), one Grand-Bouteiller, one Grand-Maitre and one Marshal of France; one Grand Equerry of the King of Spain, several imperial field marshals and twenty generals, four finance ministers of the Netherlands, two governors of the Netherlands and Belgium, one Russian field marshal; numerous ministers, ambassadors and senators in France, Austria, Belgium, and a record of thirty-two knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Source

I further documented that de Croy descendants have numerous historical associations with the Habsburgs, and later connections to the fascist militias that surrounded Otto Von Habsburg. In reference to the above synopsis, Holy Roman Emporer Charles V headed the Habsburg bloodline, and to this day the Grandmaster of the Austrian Order of the Golden Fleece is Karl Von Habsburg. Living knights of the order include Prince Charles-Louis de Merode.


The Black Baron de Bonvoisin's sister Marie Francoise is married to Prince Bernard de Morode. In 1995 Prince Bernard founded Trust & Management SA with Philippe de Patoul - separately accused of trafficking children and drugs by Count Yann de Meeus d'Argenteuil.

His other sister is Marie-Cecile de Bonvoisin d'Ursel, she is married to Count Herve d’Ursel, who is connected to Cercle des Nations, and who witnesses X1 & X2 alledge as having interconnections with the network. On page 248 of The X Dossiers, X1 documents how she attended a sex party at the residence of Herve d’Ursel. Whilst at the residence the children were forced to watch a snuff movie and engage in bizzare rituals that appeared to be focused on conditioning them. On page 480, it is further noted that X1 describes both the residence and her journey in perfect detail.

Used to be a member of Cercle des Nations, together with Baron de Bonvoisin and Paul Vanden Boeynants. Has been convicted for financial fraud. The d'Ursel family were among the founders of Caisse Privé Banque in 1949, an elitist private bank headed over the years by the Cruysmans family (bank had been founded in 1923, but was dissolved and re-established in 1949). Besides blue blood, the entourage of Paul Vanden Boeynants, including Charly De Pauw, became heavily involved with the bank. One of his family members, Count Philippe d'Ursel, was among the shareholders of Terres et Domaines, a company founded in 1957. Other shareholders were Prince Rodolphe de Croy-Roeulx, the later chairman of Cercle des Nations, and the upcoming Charly De Pauw (accused of child abuse) Source

A further connection between the Merode and Bonvoisin families is that fact that Prince Francois de Merode was another prominent member of Cercle des Nations.

Witness Chantal.S (identified as an abuse victim by other witnesses) claims that she was drawn into the network by her paedophile parents and Satanist grandmother. Again, several of the witness statements intersect with one another.


Moving on, through the testimony of Nathalie W, we can observe the repetition of certain names and places.

The name she mentioned appears to be the d'Arschot Schoonhoven family (counts), although a "Berenice" is hard to find (says nothing at this points). This family has historically been closely associated with families like De Croy, Chimay, De Ligne, and a number of others, including Windisch-Gratz and the Belgian royals. Interestingly, anno 2006, Count Guillaume d'Arschot Schoonhoven is a director of Compagnie du Zoute in Knokke, together with Counts Maurice, Leopold, and Paul Lippens and Nadine Lippens. This family is one of the most notorious among children who are part of the abuse network. Apparently, when Nathalie was talking about "Maison de d'Aurschot" she meant Chateau d'Ohain. Source

PV 150.674: "Places and facts... Chateau de Lasnes. 1979-94." PV 150.729: "Chateau de Lasnes = chateau de Ohain". Talks about a ceremony that took place there in which a child was killed). Source

Within several miles of the above Chateau d'Ohain, we can also find Chateau de la Hulpe on Domaine Solvay, and Domaine d'Argenteuil. The latter of which was owned by the late King Leopold III and Princess Liliane de Rethy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Both properties appear in the Dutroux file, as does Princess Liliane de Rethy.

The sessions not only involved sex, they included sadism, torture and murder; and again, she described in detail, the place, the victims and how they were killed. Source


The below Jacques Thoma is linked to the networks of Bonvoisin and Boeynants through his connection to the Social Christian Party (PSC).

January 8, 1997, info from Sara de Wachter and Jacques Thoma during an initial conversation, "Jacques Thoma was at a restaurant with Sara de Wachter (01/10/55) when he broke down in tears. He participated in 1985-86 in several satanic sessions close to Charleroi.

BR.30.51.000250/97: "Jacques Thoma was at a restaurant with Sara de Wachter (01/10/55) when he broke down in tears. He participated in 1985-86 in several satanic sessions close to Charleroi. At the event the blood of a 12 year old girl was offered to an audience. He did not participate in the murder. Thoma doesn't intend to speak anymore, because he is afraid. He encountered the grand master, Francois-Joseph, who told him that he was a police informant and that he had to be careful. Thoma has been pulled in by members of the PSC, namely Michel Dewolf and lawyer Philippe Sala... Francois-Joseph is a notary implicated in the trafficking of girls for prostitution from the East. After contact through the telephone Thoma confirms, but refuses to sign a declaration." File number: PV.250 (156) Source

In this paper we can observe correlations between the images drawn by children that have survived ritual abuse, and rites taken from the (uncensored) Egyptian book of the dead.

January 8, 1997, BOB note 264: "Thoma accepts a meeting in the week of 13-19 January 1997, but on neutral ground and without having to sign his interview." January 16, 1997, BOB note 466: "He is very afraid. He was a treasurer of the youth section of the PSC. He often met with Michel Dewolf Philippe Sala and Jean-Paul Dumont. They tried to direct Thoma toward Opus Dei what they considered Nec Plus Ultra [Latin for "nothing further beyond"]. Under the pretext of initiation tests for Opus Dei he was brought to a Black Mass with sexual acts. He mentions the presence of girls from a country in the East (13-14 years). In 1986, after a wine and dine political reunion he went with Sala and Dewolf to a meeting that they announced would be spicy. He was drugged before being taken into a room with masked people who had dressed in black robes. The participants drank blood. He was placed in the presence of a naked little girl laying down on an altar - she had died (12years). He wanted to leave but was drugged again. He woke up the following day in his car. He left the party [PSC] and made a declaration to the BSR [Special Investigations Unit of the Gendarmerie]in Charleroi. Money destined for the PSC was whitewashed in German casinos by Dumont. Thoma sent to the gendarmerie in Uccle to identify photos of places where trafficking of children from the East takes place (Italian restaurant av. Charlequint). File Number: PV 466 (156) Source

The above-mentioned lawyer Jean Paul Dumont was Thoma's boss, a member of CEPIC, and an individual that has been named as an abuser and visitor to the ASCO snuff factory within the witness statements of X1 (who connects him to ASCO) and X2 who connects him to Bonvoisin. It should also be noted Dumont provided legal counsel for Bonvoisin, and that Nihoul had previously organised his political campaigns. Alongside Bonvoisin, Van Boeynants, and Nihoul, he can also be further connected to PSC, and CEPIC.

Jean-Paul Dumont, born in 1952 and died on March 21, 2009 in Uccle is a Belgian lawyer and politician from Brussels, former member of the PSC. Source

If Thorma's statement is true, it alludes to an inverted inner circle within Opus Dei. This perspective appears to be corroborated by the Belgium police report I referenced in chapter four. Named in the report, I once again noted the ubiquitous Van Boeynants and Bonvoisin. Equally, witness X4 alleges that members of Opus Dei were amongst her most sadistic clients. Whilst castle Dongelberg is an ASBL (Opus Dei connected) retreat that is further referenced in the testimonies of X2 and Nathalie W. It is also further linked to the fascist networks of Bonvoisin and Boeynants.

At some point Nathalie also mentioned Castle Dongelberg as a
place of abuse (owned by Opus Dei). X2 also claimed that children had been abused at Dongelberg, while in other reports the castle is mentioned as a place where conspirators had organized several meetings in the 1970s and 1980s when they attempted to overthrow the Belgian state. Source

She talked about how members of high society regularly allow
themselves to be taken up in different religious cults and sects. In one of her later testimonies X4 mentioned that members of Opus Dei had been among her most sadistic clients. Source


"Awake, arise, or be forever fallen."

Jacob Rothschild & Marina Abramović: Painting: Satan Summoning His Legions by Sir Thomas Lawrence 1796-1797

Seperately accused by Count Yann de Meeus d'Argenteuil and art smuggler Michel Van Rijn, is celebrity interior designer and antique/art dealer Axel Vervoordt. Noted as a close friend and (occasional) colleague of the Rockefeller and Rothschild connected Marina Abramovich. Further noted within the files is that Vervoordt lives next door to Castle Kattenhof, which is named by witness X1 as the place where she was forced to torture and kill Katrien De Cuyper, in the presence of Leopold Lippens, Michel Vander Elst, and Nihoul.

In the last couple of hearings of Regina by De Baets, she began to describe how she had been taken 15 to 20 times to Castle Kattenhof between 1990 and 1995. Besides Katrien, she had seen 6 to 7 murders on children: a Turkish girl of 9, a girl of maybe 11 or 12 years, a short-haired boy of 7 or 8 years, a blond girl of 15 or 16 years old, a North-African boy of 3 or 4 years, and two girls of 10 - one named Veronique. Source

Castle Kattenhof was joint owned by the de Caters family. Alongside accused Etienne-Davignon, and Prince Phillipe de Chimay, son Patrick de caters is a member of Le Cercle de Wallonie.


As I documented in the previous chapter; Judge Wathelet (responsible for Dutroux's early release) had numerous connections to accused Paul Vanden Boeynants. He was also named by (the above) psychotherapist Pascal Williams, who was working with two young children that had been the victims of a satanic ritual abuse network centered around a castle in the region of Verviers. It was alleged by Williams that he’d been severely intimidated by the local head of the Judicial police and an advisor of its local youth support section. The children would later be murdered.


Although not directly accused within witness statements, several individuals and residences connected to the Solvay family are named within repeated witness testimonies. I pause to document that Solvay Pharmaceuticals created the anti-depressant and OCD drug Fluvoxamine, which is now being hailed as a potential Covid-19 treatment (edited to note that although this is the first time it's been published, I originally wrote this chapter in 2020). Five individuals close to the Solvay's and/or Solvay pharmaceuticals, are named within the dossiers, including the aforementioned Viscount Davignon (the two families are intermarried), Baron Janssen, and Maurice Lippens.

Whilst it's the Chateau de la Hulpe on Domaine Solvay that is named within the dossiers, Chateau de Amerois is also owned by the Solvay family and has a long and convoluted history within conspiratorial circles. Within these circles it is commonly referred to as the "Mothers of Darkness" castle. Such a history makes it difficult to discern fact from fiction, but there have been historical witness testimonies that speak to paedophilic satanic rituals and child sacrifices taking place within the castle.


The below statement potentially links us to Chateau d'Argenteuil.

PV 118.384, December 13, 1996: "Parties in Eindhoven in 1988. An underage girl, a regular at this place, underwent some cruelties and was never seen again. This girl told X2 that all men she had to endure were crazy. She spoke about a castle near Brussels where she went on Easter 1987, to a madwoman, called Liliane. She said that it would be necessary to return to the garden there. X2 understands that some bodies could be buried there. X2 thinks about Liliane de Rety." PV 151.419/97, note from the investigators: "See the statement of [Nathalie] Waeterschoot with regard to bodies that would have been buried in the park of a castle. Liliane could be Lilianne de Rethy and the castle quoted by Waet."

The name alluded to above, is the aforementioned Princess Liliane de Rety of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who was the 2nd wife of King Leopold III and who lived at Chateau d'Argenteuil. King Baudouin (the eldest son of King Leopold III), Prince Charles of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (second son of King Albert I), and either King Albert or King Albert II (brother of King Baudouin) were named within the witness statements of X3.

In the spirit of following connections (not making accusations) following her death the Chateau was brought by the Delwart family who are major shareholders in Solvay, the largest single shareholder being Jean-Pierre Delwart who is also President of the Board of Directors.


House Of Orange Connections

Whilst the below testimony connects to Holland it's broader ramifications contain intersections with the Dutroux case. There are also further witness statements that connect Dutroux to Amsterdam.

"Letter of van Aller. Sect - Orgies - Pink Ballets in Holland. Sent to the Justice Department in Holland concerning a sect in that country. A group of 300 people formed a sect that exists in Holland. They organize orgies with minors (3 years and up). Members = lawyers - jurists - judges - police officers. Meetings in rural estates -hotels - at one the members. Example: villa Westflier in Markelo [Westerflier/Nijenhuis estate, which, coincidentally, used to be a boarding school for girls from 1948 to the late sixties and has been in the possession of an aristocratic family] [and the] beach of Noordwijk. Meetings are held the first Saturday after the full moon as well as on dates of Christian feasts or on anniversaries. Groups of 12 people with children. Rapes and tortures of the children. Large meetings = 50 adults and 50 children - drugs, booze, orgies, rapes. Registration on video of abuse of kids. The children of the group members participate in the feasts. It involves the creation of multiple personalities in the children.

These Multiple Personality Disorders are maintained by psychotherapists. The induced MPS permits a continuous control, even of adults, while creating some degree of balance... Member of the sect: Jacqueline Balm. Sect infiltrated by Rowin Verkijk. Witness who brings some material evidence: Rumke. The Dutch authorities don't believe the revelations of Balm and don't act. The declarations and/or letters disappeared. Balm disappeared on orders of the clan." Page 11

The above Westerflier estate is owned by the Schimmelpenninck family. A close neighbour to Westerflier is Castle Warmelo, which was previously owned by Prince Bernhard's mother. Baron Coen Schimmelpenninck was the director and board member of the Prince Bernhard culture fund, chairman of the high council of nobility, and founder director of the House of Orange Nassau connected Stichting Sigillis Reglis Praesidio.

In light of the connections I made in previou chapters, I pause to highlight that ancestor Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck was knighted by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Both Prince Bernhard (House of Orange) and the Schimmelpenninck family have connections to the Nazi connected IG Farben (following WW2 disolved into Hoechst, BASF, and Bayer - now merged with Monsanto - who keep you safe by spraying your food with toxic chemicals) as do the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1927 Rockefellers Standard Oil and IG Farben founded the company Standard IG Farben, in 1939 both companies formed a "drug trust". IG Farben was also the largest shareholder in Standard Oil.

The Germans, on the face of it, had a plausible excuse for financing Lenin and Trotsky. The two Germans most responsible for the financing of Lenin were Max Warburg and a displaced Russian named Alexander Helphand. They could claim that they were serving their country's cause by helping and financing Lenin. However, these two German "patriots" neglected to mention to the Kaiser their plan to foment a Communist revolution in Russia. Source

The pre-war director of IG Farben was Max Warburg, who also provided funding for the Pan European Movement. His brother Paul Warburg was the director of the US IG Farben, the architect of the Federal Reserve Banking system, and director of the Council on Foreign Relations. Of note is the fact that the Warburg family are of Venetian-Jewish descent - and have historical intermarriages with the Rothschild's, Schiff's, and Openheimer's. Alongside the birth of the FED, in relation to the dialectic forging of history, the family were also instrumental in the funding of the Bolshevik Revolution, and enabling Lenin to travel to Russia.

Returning to the Schimmelpenninck's, Count Rutger Schimmelpenninck can be further connected to the Orange's through an individual investigated for his (potential) role in the Rolodex child abuse scandal. Whilst this case is worthy of a post in and of itself, in this instance I will briefly focus on some pertinent interconnections. One of those being Orange family advisor Fitz Salomonson, another being Queen Beatrix's husband Prince Claus.

Alongside being connected to Count Rutger Schimmelpenninck, Fitz Salomonson is a long term friend of Queen Beatrix, and Judicial advisor to both the Queen and Prince Claus. A member of the Guardianship Council of the Queen's son, Prince Willem Alexander. Lawyer for Holland's Banque de Suez, advisor for the multinational Banque de Suez.

In a previous case Salomonson was reported by his neighbours as having sex with underaged boys of Morrocan descent, that he had a sex torture room, and that they have heard gunshots inside the house. They were sued for liable, but eventually won the case and were comprehensively acquitted. During the trial a couple gave a sworn statement that they had observed Prince Claus having sex with a young boy.

I pause to note that Count Rutger Schimmelpenninck was a partner in the law firm Boekel de Nerée which was also partnered by Fitz Salomonson.

Another witness was a former escort boy who alledged to have offered a picture of Salomonson in and S&M outfit having sex with four boys to Prive magazine. This was confirmed by Prive editor Willem Schmidt, asked why he had failed to act on the information Schmidt stated "I'm not going to press charges against the attorney of Her Majesty".

Separately, in her autobiography of Queen Juliana, well known Dutch sociologist and writer Jolande Withuis further alledges that the Queen's husband Prince Bernhard molested a young member of Juliana's theater club, a 16 year old guest was groped under her blouse and kissed on the mouth. It is also alledged that, Governess Nitschmann kept her door locked to deter the Princes advances, and that her young successor was molested by him.

Whilst it's a tenuous connection relating to the fact that like Salomonson, they're both royal judicial advisors and alleged paedophiles. It's worth noting that Lord Justice Fulford (a high court judge and advisor to Queen Elizabeth II) was a founder and backer of the Paedophile Information Exchange. An insidious organisation that were calling for sexual consent to be lowered to the age of four. Lord Fulford can be further connected to a legal offshoot named "Conspiracy Against Public Morals".


Like the synarchistic prelude to communitarianism, this was an interconnected historical attempt to legitamise paedophelia. One that is now being realised by confusing, grooming, and drawing ever younger children into sexual identities. To be clear, this is not an ideological assumption, it is a statement derived from multiple verifiable facts that will be corroborated at a later date.

The below image is taken from a "child friendly" drag queen event at a Dallas gay bar. How's that "conspiracy against public morals" working out?



Continuing, Rutger Schimmelpenninck was a curator/liquidator for Text Lite, but withdraw from the role when it became apparent that he would have to file a claim against Salomonson.

Text Lite was heavily financed by Bank Van Lanschot/headed by Prince Bernhard's close friend Bib Van Lanschot who has potential connections to Gladio, and was also a member of Prince Bernhard’s 1001 Club, and the House of Orange's Brotherhood of the Swan/also known as Brotherhood of our Lady. The Brotherhood dates from 1316, previous members have included William III Orange and Queen Beatrix. The president of the advisory board member of Text Lite was Fitz Salomonson. The firm eventually collapsed and would later become embroiled in scandal and accusations of drug money laundering.

Within the Van Traa Commission papers, Salomonson was accused of being money launderer for Klaas Bruinsma and Etienne Urka. The synonymous chairman of the commission Maarten Van Traa, was later killed in a car accident.

The Van Traa Commission accuses the Queen's house attorney of involvement in large-scale drug money laundering operations. What is the secret of counsel F. Salomonson and his former business partner Oscar Hammerstein? Source

The money laundering was connected to mafia boss Klaus Bruinsma, who was alledged to have had a long lasting historical affair with Queens Beatrix's daughter in law Mabel Wisse Smit. It is further alledged that he had close connections to child abuse/pornography networks. Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau was previously named by the World Economic Forum as a "young global leader." Alongside George Soros, she is also a co-founder of the European Council On Foregign relations, and the former director (current board member) of Soro's Open Society Foundation,


Geerts was a good friend of the late Klaas Bruinsma, once Holland's most well-known and ruthless gangster. In the late 1980s, Bruisma was the largest drug dealer in Europe. Bruisma had a close relationship with Mabel Wisse Smit, these days daughter-in-law of Queen Beatrix. Source

It appears as though Mabel was introduced to Bruinsma by her stepfather Peter Wisse Smit.

In addition to Da Silva, TV detective Peter de Vries presented a second witness for the prosecution, Eddy Sweering, a former bookkeeper from the Bruinsma empire. He stated that his former boss had close contacts with Mabel's stepfather, the Rabobank banker Peter Wisse Smit. He would have known the father even before the daughter and Bruinsma would have been introduced by him in various exclusive Gooi associations. "That is good for my reputation", Bruinsma is said to have said to his employees, "and good for your future." Source

Whilst unconnected to any accusations of child abuse. In a previous post I noted that Rabobank connects us back to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the environmental aspects of the agenda we shall discuss in later chapters. I wrote:

Lord Jacob Rothchild has been working in co-operation with Rabobank (that now own 7.5% of Rothschild Continuation Holdings) who are focused upon an equity capital market that includes farming equipment, food processing, and farm-based commodities. Rabobank is also affiliated with the United Nations environment programme, and through their foodshot global consortium are intimately connected with the Rockefeller Foundation. Whilst through their Climate Resilience Risks and Opportunities Coalition are working alongside Rockefeller asset management.


The Mind Control Connection?

As unpalatable as these last couple of chapters have been, the black nobilities have been using, abusing, pillaging, raping, torturing, murdering, and sacrificing, their way through the "peasant class" for literally thousands of years. Thus in many ways, we are observing a continuation of a horrific status quo. This includes the aforementioned Countess Bathory who is documented within the Guinness Records as the worlds most prolific female serial killer. Her liteny of crimes were interwoven with allegations of ritual sacrifice, blood drinking, slow torture and cannibalism, all of which are documented within the X Dossiers.

With the Westerflier estate connection to ritual abuse and the associated creation of multiple personality disorders, I initially intended on linking a further chapter. To be honest after spending weeks trawling through this cesspit of depravity, I needed to take some time out and focus on a different angle. I will return at a later date to finish the missing chapter, but before we move on I'd just like to highlight a couple of relevant points.

Regina's mind had been shattered in numerous alters, among them Kenny, a young alter who dealt with some of the worst torture; Stone, one of the toughest who answered to Tony and controlled her fears; Hoer (Whore), who could best satisfy Tony and the other abusers; Moon, born to deal with extreme cold; Meisje (Girl), the innocent, sensitive kid. 'Zwijgen is voor Daders,' p. 206-207:

"Tony was the only adult who understood something was wrong in my head. He didn't get mad about it, but cultivated it. He gave me different names: Pietemuis, Miesje, Hoer, Bo. The names slowly started to become part of me. The strange thing was that if he mentioned a name, the mood that fit the name was called up. Pietemuis (small mouse) became the name of the little girl that he brought home after the abuse - a scared and nervous little girl that he could comfort by talking to her in a caring and fatherly kind of way. Meisje (girl) was the part of me that belonged only to him. Hoer (whore), the name of that part of me that worked for him. Silence is for perpetrators - the testimony of X1 page 122-123

"Now you just leave that to me," he said when I asked him curiously why he gave me so many names, "daddy Tony knows you better than you know yourself." That was also true. Silence is for perpetrators - the testimony of X1 page 122-123

In relation to the murder of Chrissie, as I referenced in part one, X1 supplied details to the police that were never made public. "She gave us some details that made us think it's impossible to give without having been there at that place - the way the body was found at that time, and the way she described the person who was killed."

After such a difficult hearing, all of a sudden he heard his witness, in a young girl's voice, give a series of names that made him silent. 'Are they still alive?' Meisje [Girl] lifted her shoulders. 'Some are, I think. Others are not.'... 'Who died?' he asked calmly. 'Chrissie,' I whispered. Patriek asked how. 'They burned her.' 'Where?' 'In a basement,' she whispered even more quiet. And she withdrew deep within herself, fighting against the odor of the liquid that they had poured over her. And then when he wanted to ask more, she shook her head. 'I want to go home,' she begged. Away from those horrible memories. But Chrissie didn't leave her head anymore. Her screams, her begs for help. Source

In the first chapter of my sexual perception deception series I documented how the Rockefeller funded Alfred Kinsey (the "father" of the sexual revolution) was outsourcing child abuse to paedophiles. It was this abuse that informed the basis of his chapter on child sexuality, subsequently used as the justification for an attempted "academic" legitimisation of child abuse, and the existence of organisations like the aforementioned PIE.

In relation to the Dutroux case, I note that the majority of the abused witnesses exhibited varying degrees of multiple personality disorder. Equally, their abusers appeared to be proficient in handling these alters. In a previous post I wrote:

The creation of multiple personalities in children was the stated aim of an MKULTRA Subproject Proposal that was submitted for funding on the May 30, 1961. P. 56, 61. Although there are witnesses and the intent is clear, there is no official paper that speaks to it's implementation. I will note, that personality splitting can be caused through fear and abuse, thus a child seeking solace from their anguish could create an alter within whom they seek solace. Children have a self-protective tendency not to recall pain, thus a false memory or indeed personality that contained painful emotions would be easier to hide.


Through my research I have come across evidence that not only were clandestine elements of the CIA both creating and infiltrating cults and the networks of heavily compromised gurus. With an aim of creating multiple personalities, through project MK-Ultra they were potentially outsourcing the psychological and physical torture/abuse of children to cults similar to those discussed in this article. If you recall, in previous chapters I have already documented interconnections between the European movement, occultic fascism, child abuse, the CIA, and the architects of project MK-Ultra.

For now I'll leave the reader to ponder the ramifications of these statements. Trust, I'll be back to add some substance to them at a later date.

Further references

1: file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/1940_I.G.Farben_Geschaeftsbericht.pdf

Written by @perceptualflaws
Gifs courtesy of
All public domain artwork is source referenced.


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Coming from Holland many names in your post i know from media and news , like the Oranges are all knight's in the order of Malta , like i saw all accusations true time on many names , and how disbelieve made no one believe a thing coming from any witness ,.. The masses are to stupid to see the truth and rather put it away as attention seeking mentally ill people making up story's .

Almost could not read true this whole post ,.. overwhelmed by anger , for i know it is all true , and so disgusting that i get sick in my stomach . But ignoring it will not make it go away ,.. so i did read true , and went outside after that to chop some wood ,.. with a big1axe .

Thanks for the work you did , if you might need some translations from Dutch to English ,.. i could do that ,.. for this must not be forgotten for the sake of all the victim's .

Coming from Holland many names in your post i know from media and news , like the Oranges are all knight's in the order of Malta , like i saw all accusations true time on many names , and how disbelieve made no one believe a thing coming from any witness ,.. The masses are to stupid to see the truth and rather put it away as attention seeking mentally ill people making up story's .

Thank you kindly, this is why I took my time writing these last two chapters, pointing out all the inconsistencies, interconnections, blatant corruption and mismanagement of the case. All in all, both parts took me at .least a couple of months to write, translate, and reference. There were many days that I couldn't face it, times where I'd stare blank at the screen for hours and barely write a paragraph - feeling like a fraud because they have to live it and I was able to write it from the comfort of my own home. To me it shines a light upon the malaise, apathy, greed, and corruption of the human race - for without them, these people would have nowhere to hide. I have no doubt many of the abused have suffered a lifetime of mental illness - that doesn't mean they made it up - that facts also stand for themselves. Imagine going through all that, and then being brushed off as if it didn't happen. Makes my blood boil.

I have omitted far more than I included, researching this and reading through all the statements and books, there are things I've read that will never leave my mind. But if you're going to do it - then you owe it to the victims to at least try and make a coherent case. To never let it be forgotten what they and thousands of children have to go through every single day. Equally, as per the series and the book I'm writing - I want to show how it all fits into the bigger picture - to document the scale of corruption and manipulation. The episodic nature of the blockchain dictates that I won't achieve it with the series, I most certainly will with the book.

Thank you for the offer of translation - that's been one of the most difficult parts of writing it and verifying references - hence why I initially gave a shout out to the European journalists. When I come back to add missing chapters - I may very well be in contact. :) Respect.

You have done an incredible amount of work on this series. I thank you!

Hey my friend, thanks you for taking the time to read - and thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated. :)



Thanks for the reblurt my friend - much appreciated.

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