CONTEST: A new logo for Blurtify | 5,000 BLURT in prizes

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Desing a new logo for Blurtify (1).png


Have you hear about Blurtify?

This is basically a telegram notification service for Blurt Blockchain which can send you the more relevant notifications when something happens on your Blurt account, without keys and protecting your privacity by only allowing link accounts that you own.Appart of that, it has an integrated explorer that allow you to check the blockchain anytime you want. You can read about the projec here:

This is the project that I'm maintaining as witness on Blurt and now I'm looking for a beatiful logo to it. On this contest, you will need to design and present a logo to use on Blurtify.


  • Design a logo for Blurtify using canva, photoshop, or de program you like most.
  • Post using the tag #blurtseven #blurtify #art.
  • Explain what represent your logo.
  • Reblurt this post.
  • Invite 3 friends.
  • Vote @alejos7ven as your blurt witness. (optional)


This contest will end at 25th July 00:00 UTC time.


I'm now TOP 20 and we are celebrating it. For this contest I'll give 5,000 BLURT, amazing!

  • 1st: 3,000 BLURT.
  • 2nd: 1,000 BLURT.
  • 3rd: 500 BLURT.
  • 4nd: 300 BLURT.
  • 5nd: 200 BLURT.

The main winner will be the new logo used on Blurtify.

Let's go for more!

Blurt Challenge Founder

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Blurtify v2.0

Blurtify v1.0

Fanbase Tool

If you love my work please consider vote by me as your Witness in the blurt

[Brough by @alejos7ven]

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Great contest

My entry

Thank you

entry 13

Hahahah as a former community manager for Blockbrothers this looks like steemify ! 😉

Mi participación. en el concurso.

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Here is my entry for the contest

Thanks for the opportunity, I had fun preparing this 🙂

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I like yours the best

thanks, your megaphone idea is also very cool. yeah.

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This is my entry, tired reblurting didn't see the icon for it be


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Good contest. Can we submit more than one entry? Like variables of the same design.

This looks nice. This will surely earn some reward.

Am in for this one, this is Indeed a birthday gift.

What a huge gift😍

Hi, @alejos7ven,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

Your post was picked for curation by @alejos7ven.

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thanks ill fix

Also, Voted for your Witness …


You are the best artist

Not really… I just do tons of experiments with PicsArt on my iPad. Lots of stuff is terrible. Every now and then something looks ok. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.