# NazirHussain 2nd Contest, Topic : "My Lovely Mom" #

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Hello Everybody!

You're most welcome to my second contest. Hope you're completely fine and well!


Dear BlurTians!
I'm very glad to present my second contest over all and first of current year. In the last month of the previous year, I organised a simple and quite easy contest and it got grand success because all of you amazing guys participated in a huge quantity. I'm sure that you will must participate in this contest with same spirits and will make it successful again.

The topic is very easy. You have to write only ten sentences on your most precious and glorious relation "Your Lovely Mom" in thee world. Because all of us love our moms, so I have chosen this lovely topic.

🔷Only one participation per person.
🔷Post should be included on 10 sentences.
🔷Place your entry link in comments section.
🔷 Enrol your entry before payout this post.
🔷Your post must be free from plagiarism.
🔷All photos should be clicked by you or given with citation.


Because I am able to read and write four languages; English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu properly and simultaneously, so you can write your participation post in any of these four languages.

100 marks will be given to every post if it is fulfilled with following characteristics:

🔶Contents : 10×5=50
🔶Attraction :10×1=10
🔶Quality : 10×1=10
🔶Photos : 05×1=5
🔶 Reblurt: 05×1=5
💠Total: 100


Three highest marks achievers will be the winners of the contest. In case of same marks for any positions, winners will be decided through "Spin The Wheel-Random Picker" app (available in Google Play Store).


🏆 1st : 100 Blurts + 100% Upvote from @michelangelo3 & @elkezaksek.

🏆 2nd : 90 Blurts + 90% Upvote from @michelangelo3 & @elkezaksek.

🏆 3rd : 80 Blurts + 80% Upvote from @michelangelo3 & @elkezaksek.


Those all participants who won't get any positions, a consolation prize of 80 blurts will be divided among them equally.


⭐To end plagiarism.
⭐ To promote Blurt Blog.
⭐ To bring quality contents.
⭐ To create a creative atmosphere.
⭐ To encourage Blurters to explore ideas.

It's known to all that @elkezaksek mam is doing great. She has been determined to build a house for Bosco and his family in Uganda. That's why, 25% share of this contest will go to Bosco's house ongoing construction.



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When will this be announced?

Tomorrow, In sha'a Allah!

Okey, thank you bro 🙏🏻

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You're welcome!

I haven't received yet confirmation from you brother, while I have followed all participation rulers , i have participated before payout of your this contest post , i had done all my participation work At night 11: 07 pm , 3 minutes before payout.


Nothing to worry! Your participation is valid.
Thanks for participating!

Thanks for confirming

Thanks for participating!
Have a awesome Blurt day!

So lucky to have found this contest before eits payout
Here is my entry


Thanks for the opportunity

Thanks for participating!
Have a nice Blurt day!

Thanks for participating!
Have a great Blurt day!

Why is my participation ignored? Because I have not received a confirmation from the author, but others have.

Your entry link isn't appearing in comments section, I received your comment but it is not available in the contest post's comments section. Can you place it again? I can't ignore any participation altogether.

Hello, thank you for your reply. Yes, here is the link for my participation.
Thank you very much.

Thanks for participating!
Have a great blurt day!

Contest, Topic : "My Lovely Mom" #

Here's my entry for the Contest

Thanks for participating!
Have great Blurt day!

Thanks for participating!
Have great Blurt day!

Thanks for participating!
Have great Blurt day!

Hello @nazirhussain
Thank you for sharing such great contest!
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Thanks a lot for selecting my post for curation!

Thanks for presenting to us such a wonderful contest here to write about our mom.
Below is the link to my entry.

Thanks for participating! Have a great blurt day!

Wonderful. Shared with 400 Million people on Twitter #blurtlove

Thank you so much @blurtlove for sharing my contest on Twitter with 400M people?

Great idea for a contest. I Love my Mom. ReBlurtted.

Thank you very much sir for these encouraging words and reblurting my contest!

Nice theme!
I will also upvote the winners (100/90/80).
However, it happens that I'm not on Blurt for a few days,
but don't worry, I'll make up for it then....
Please notify me .....
and thank you for the share for Bosco's house.

I know you are a busy person. So, no problem at all. I'm sured that you would respond. Can I edit your upvotes into the post?

Yes you can,
but then please with the note that I may vote late....

Hi mam!
I have published the winners announcement post. I would like to request you for having a look at it and upvote winners any post as know very well.
Here is the post link :

It is done....

Thanks a lot mam!

OK mam, no problem.

I am very happy to see this lovely contest .
I will definitely participate

This is a great. Here is my participation.
Thank you.

Nice story but it seems that you haven't read contest rules properly. Please read them!

I have read and followed the terms. Post about my relationship that I value the most with my mother, at least ten sentences. I use illustrative photos and cite the source.

I also sent a post link in the comments column of your post.

Please explain what is still missing?

You have to write only ten sentences, not at least ten sentences.
And please look at "Math of 100 Marks" in the contest.

Hi guys, Is it like this?

NazirHussain 2nd Contest, Topic : "My Lovely Mom

Nice work. I love how you the intention and content. I particularly love how you formatted the contest content. :)

Thank you so much sir for visiting my contest and these encouraging words!

Wow great contest !
I will try my best to participate in it.
Thank you for the opportunity

Thanks for these words!
Your participation will be awaited.

Insha Allah will try to participate if i get time 🙂

In sha Allah zarur!

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Great contest my brother.
Will participate soon 🔜

Thank you bro!
Your participation will be awaited.

Great contest, I am already curious about the entries and wish all participants good luck.