Dr. Charles Hoffe - We are Soldiers in the War on Truth

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▶️ Dr. Hoffe's courageous, informative, and motivational speech in Armstrong, BC, Canada on August 27th 2022. A summary of his experience during the Covid-19 plandemic, and latest research on the "vaccine" bioweapon.

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I've been following Dr. Hoffe's incredible story since early in 2021, when he first raised the alarm over Covid "vaccines". He was brutally rebuked, censored, and warned to shut up. He continued, and his town Lytton BC was completely burned off the map in a bizarre firestorm. His medical practice and research were destroyed in the inferno. Dr. Hoffe continues to see patients and speak out about the "clot shot". I was privileged to be present for this community rally, and ask him a few questions after his speech. The information revealed is evidence-based, factual, and incredibly disturbing. Dr. Hoffe's integrity and intellect shine through as he shares his experiences, knowledge, and hope that we will triumph over this darkness. "The only way to kill evil is to drag it out into the light!"


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Dr. Hoffe has been through the wringer for speaking truth to power. He is a hero to the people. It's so good to have him on our side! Major respect to him for his interviews and public speeches that inform and motivate so many.

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Thank you for sharing this, I'm gonna copy paste this on my hive blog if that's OK.

Found you!

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Okay, thanks for spreading the info.
The Rumble link is the better visual quality, but the audio is good on them all, and that's the main thing.

When does are the normal, speaking the truth is revolutionary!

When vaccinated, one becomes a Petrie dish; to breed more weapons!


I guess a few people know about how harmful the vaccines could be and they are trying to create awareness about it. What they did to him is too bad

Scary to hear that vaccinated people transfer graphene oxide to others through breath and touch.

Man, that is totally sick.... 😱

Even scarier is that almost nobody cares about that or anything else presented here, like the fact that this is now a confirmed bioweapon and the goal is for most humans to die.

Have you guys been following Mike Adam's research from his professional certified lab results on these "bio structure" clots. That seem to be the clear cause of SADs (sudden adult death syndrome) what a joke that I'm even repeating that made up acronym. But this whole story is some frightening shit.

It think people prefer to remain ignorant to such details, especially if they've already been vaxed....as such details are frankly horrifying.

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They win through ignorance, this weapon can be neutralized if its studied, why its even more important to speak out and spread this. They count on defeatism born out of fear to succeed, this life is temporary, the spirit is eternal, don't relent. Fearlessness is a virtue born from truth!

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Horrifying indeed, my friend. It's shocking even to me, and I've felt this was going to happen, for a long time. I can't imagine how people feel if they didn't even see this coming.
Seen some of Mike Adam's stuff, but not the topic you mentioned. I'll do a search and see what comes up! Let me know if you see any particular material I should investigate. Thanks for the info.