Dr. Hoffe on mRNA Vaccine Shedding / Transfer to Unvaccinated

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▶️ Yes, you can get injured by the Covid-19 shot even if you never take it! Something is transferring by breath and skin contact. Spike proteins? Graphene oxide? Doctor Charles Hoffe gave me his current evidence-based understanding of this pressing issue, which could directly impact each and every one of us.

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Dr. Hoffe's main speech at that event can be found here.


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Wow, graphene oxide in the blood of UNvaccinated children because their parents ARE vaccinated?!

More stuff us non jabbed have to deal with 😩

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Oooh. This is right. If we get too contacted with those who have taken the vaccine, there are high chances that we may be inhaling their breath. From there, we are indirectly taking the vaccine.

The way things are going, can't wait for 2023! 🤮

Here is another video that may explain a lot.......

In other words, yes, we probably should be avoiding close contact with those who have taken the mRNA shots, until we better understand what's going on.

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