Covid vaccines , Booster Dose , and , New variant drama

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This is a topic that was sent to take rest long back , i thought that people will move on in life and forget one of the biggest drama or scam that effected the whole world. pandemic , vaccines , death rates , oxygen cylinders , etc are some keywords everyone must have heard about.

few days ago the news was circulated that said covid is increasing at a great rate again. Specially in my city they were claiming that it was increasing at more than 100% rate everyday.



My father was also infected with viral and he observed fever and headache and he came to me and told that his office colleagues were asking him to get his covid test so that they can confirm if my father was covid positive.

I asked my father to not do anything and complete his medicine course that doctor gave him. He took medicines on time and now he is fine , now when i went to the doctor with my father doctor told me that viral is common these days.

So those cases that are being labeled as covid cases is nothing more than viral that has been here for very long. Either government should tell the people that they have changed the name of every viral infection and named it covid xyz version.



This drama is not stopped here as , as soon as these news come to media there is another news and it is about the booster dose of covid so that people can be safe. Again i will say that it is nothing more than a drama and a way to earn or stealing money from normal people.

Don't be sick and for god sake stop living in this dilemma of covid killing people and vaccines saving you.

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Cool story about Masha and Dasha. Pure Russian names. Did you know that with all this, they are also turning every Russian thing into a Ukrainian ? Please check this : Politicis and Culture !. Maybe you'll write about that on your website. You can also check the claims of this guy I found recently in ecency : Ukrainian culture. A little about it. And look at the comments from @baah who's fighting the nonsense.