What happened with Hive ? Why is hive up by 50% 😱

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hello traders
theindiantrader is back with some good crypto news for people holding hive in their wallets. Hive is performing extraordinaly fantastically fantastic compared to other crypto currencies.

The reaction you see below was the reaction of mine when i saw hive coming up and up and up..... I did not invested in it and feelind bad for not doing so.



let us be serious now , hive is performing really freakin well compared to other crypto currencies. I really don't know how and why and so i will be searching for these two answers later today.

The gain is not common but really extra ordinary. At binance if you will see it is in top 2 crypto currencies with max gains after strax.

Screenshot (156).png

53% gain and hive in top 2 crypto currencies with max gains on binance. Can we expect it to cross a dollar with this upsurge ? Obviously if that happens it will be a very good news for hive lovers or people who bought it at 35 cents.

Time will tell us if that will happen or not. Until then wait and keep tradring your favourite crypto currency sitting and relaxing.

happy trading everyone

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no clue on why did that happened but good for those who bought some at low price.