A recent Investment that gave me 40% profit in three days

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Hello everyone ,
How are you all ? I hope everyone is fine and doing great in their life.

The entire crypto market came down to all time low in last one and half year if i am not wrong. I wanted to write this blog two to three days ago only but due to some reasons i was unable to do so.

So as the market was down and everyone was is panic i wrote a blog and told people that it is not only the situation where one should fear but it is also a situation where people could make some good profit.



If anyone would have bought BTC , DOGE . STEEM , HIVE , or , any other known crypto currency then a very good profit would have been achieved by now. I invested in compound crypto currency i.e COMP as i was monitoring the chart of comp and few other crypto recently.

The profit on my investment that i made was approx 44% so i can say that atleast 40% was gained by me from the investment i made. Sadly i do not have much to invest and thats why a huge number in dollars was still not achieved by me.

Anyways , i am still happy to have a profit of 40% on whatever amount i invested. I will trade more oftenly from now on and try to make profits like this in future as well.

What about you guys , did anyone invested somewhere and gained a good amount of profit ? If yes , then do share it with me and i will upvote your comment for sure.

Thank You

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Yes… I bought a lot of BTC, Steem, Hive, HBD, Cosmos(Atom) and much more. It has been a great time to invest.
I plan on buying a lot of Blurt when it bottoms out in 4 weeks.

I'm also planing to buy more no matter what. In 4 weeks, if let's suppose it will go 1 satoshi, I'll just buy 1 million and sit on them. I mean power them up and finally become a whale somewhere. lol

That’s my plan too.