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Hi all you beautiful, benevolent, bold, badass, brave, bright-eyed, brilliant, bubbly, bohemian, blissful, blessed, beguiling, boundless, breathtaking and buoyant BLURTARIANS! 🍀🙏🌞

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Curation Report

@rebejumperELLA Y ÉL ! GÉNESIS DEL... ¿FIN?
@rebejumper💊 CÁPSULA FLASH 💊... O NO TAN FLASH
@acabiba9 of the best places to go in Malaysia: Big city culture, sandy beaches, and pristine jungles
@olivia08Instablurt -
@filosof103Meine Actifit-Report-Card: September 18 2023
@iyanpol12Mountains of Aguilar
@drlobesNo Shame & Actifit September 18 2023
@allaboutphA Delightful Morning: Breakfast with My Wife
@blurttribeGuess the Word and Win Blurt #414 ! 50 Blurt Reward
@mostrorobot"El país se va a Chuckera" - CHUCKY - Season 3 - Trailer
@ilovemylife다람쥐 식량
@cleanenergygarroMeme Warfare & Dirty Heads - Lighthouse
@bonyengluceroFish Tinola with Lemon grass ( Fish Soup)
@offgridlifeEvening on the Rideau
@g10aCrypto Airdrop 19-09-23 ! Heroes Of MAVIA Waitlist
@cristoEl amante de la luna ! Poema original (ESP-ENG)
@larasbpnTanaman Hias Sarang Burung
@cleanenergygarroSunny Monday Motorcycle Tai Chi 🏍️
@blurtconnect-ngWave of Comments Contest // Let's dialogue : #178 / 2% TO @NULL
@testarasta[Los 100 mejores juegos de Linux gratuitos, todos los géneros y de alta calidad 2a parte) [ESP-ENG]
@bitandiYippppiiiiiieeeee - - - Gewinne Gewinne Gewinne - @craftink Booster Pack geöffnet
@adelepazaniThe pleasure of having a coffee in a cafe first thing in the morning and some images of cactus in Kish island
@ultravioletmagThe gateway experience
@onerayMy reaction to Sound of Freedom.
@jurich60Travelling North of Cebu Island
@ace108📷F1 Singapore 2023 Day 3 - the race and the cars + Video ! F1 新加坡 2023 年第 3 天 - 车与赛+ 视频😎(by @ace108)
@andy4475My Monday "Nature Themed" Blurt Photography Blog 18-09-2023
@nazarulformer mine
@baahIt's Ovyr: BBC Declares No Breakthrough, Telegram Doom, Merc Drama, NYT Doom, Newsweek Doom, Purges Are Go and Much More
@jasonmunapaseeFlowers in the garden
@yateghteghsVIDEO: 3 Hooks for your Blurt Profile
@ultravioletmagMy thoughts on the Russell Brand allegations
@hanginHow Blue Skies and Beaches Make Us Feel.
@vimukthiThe Biography of Sir Nicholas Winton (Played by Anthony Hopkins) is a Must Know Story
@ahlawatDoing Bitilasana not only strengthens the neck.
@powerego[블러트 #1099 ] 다시 자전거?
@lxsxlNight over Gyeongju Eng/Deu
@galina15Naturalist Botanic is fabulous сад❤️
@offgridlifeBlurt up 22 % in 7 days … ⬆️
@practicalericMy Actifit Report Card: September 17 2023... Vacation Mode 😹
@ieronimusWeird Dreams #238
@yakubenko"48,000k on Instagram - thank you! 🙏🎉
@maarnioCrypto Contest September 18: Kepple
@ozelot47Lambda Expressions in c++
@cupvoterRiddles challenge #2 for 40 blurt
@yayogerardoThe issue is simple to solve
@yayogerardoElectrical Work photo journey
@allaboutphSavor the Flavor: Cooking Pancit Guisado with Sliced Pork, Carrots, and Cabbage
@reetuahlawatThis is 807th photo of the day.
@bennywb56Koes Plus Pembaharuan "Orang Orang Tikungan Jalan"
@hulthemiaSundate with my long time close friend/sister
@ozelot47The Bridge Curse (6): Das Exorzismus-Wiki
@practicalericMy Actifit Report Card: September 15 2023.......High Five Friday👣 💨🍃🙌👏💯🙏😇👼💞😴💤☕⛅🎼🎶👌✨🌠
@cryptopiePrices of everything are very high that it is almost impossible to eat dishes with complete ingredients now or it will cost you
@cryptopieWe need a bigger family if we can afford it for the reason of getting an easier family support when each member needs it
@amaterasusolarMy Spiritual Experience
@matthew.buaBlurt JACKPOT Challenge #15: Guess the Thai price at 7eleven
@tekrazeAC Origins Gameplay Part 37 Founding Father, Absolute Power, The Flee of Cyrene, Cat and Mouse
@jb123From Trash to Cash
@mariuszkarowskiBrave mama Said NO to MK Ultra /Monarch programming in public schools
@davidesimonciniThe David's Daily Adventures: Flock and Focaccia
@chorockBullish Weekly Candle is on Bitcoin Price Chart
@brujablancaDiscovering love / Descubriendo el amor (Esp/Eng)
@animal-shelterWho can be as cute as a puppy?
@nenengbasmayorMy Grandson
@rubelynmacionThe Beautiful Sabin Resort In Ormoc City
@onerayEditorial: From incumbent to emeritus: Jordan Peterson
@hanginThe Australia Bulit Perentti Corvette.
@shahira.artSelf defence Classes for College girls conducted by my Team members
@kryptodenno7000 BlurtPower - Delegation Raffle / Delegationsverlosung #1066 (incl. Winner of #1058)
@andriannaEvery time I buy new paints, I make such sketches on paper.
@ptakuLotnisko #3 2023 : September 15 2023

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it turned out to be a good job 👍

thanks & thanks por el support. yeahhh!!!

congretulation on winning bro

Congratulations all winners!

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It is very beautiufl. Excellent digital art

Thank you @outofthematrix and congrats to all chosen posts!