I just dished out those coconuts! 🥥 These are my curated posts of the day! 👓📖

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Curated by me! Today, I really threw around with those coconuts!!!

I have a lot of good posts, that you can check out today!

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I really do my best to curate manually and I take a look at the posts, but of course I miss a lot of awesome bloggers here on Blurt. Every day new bloggers are joining Blurt and I can't possibly find them all...

So if you know a good blogger here, please leave me a message in the comments and I will review it!

Please use the comments section to nominate new awesome bloggers!!!

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Hey ho, let's go! I dished out those coconuts! 🥥

These are my curated posts of the day:

Curation Report

@leifasaurCape Spartel Lighthouse Morocco
@jlphotographyPortraying for the first time Maria Ochoa
@alessia25Khao Sok National Park is a large 739 km2 nature reserve located in southern Thailand,
@teesartsThe Ugly Side Of Artificial Intelligence And Machines: Will Machines Eventually Take Over?
@maxwellmarcusartLady On Glasses - Pen Drawing
@arabisouriNATO Erdogan Massacres a Syrian Kurdish in Afrin Region
@ahlawatThere is a dragonfly on the leaves of my house.
@mostrorobot[esp+eng] THE DOORS . Review + Trailer + Songs
@mein-senf-dazuworking on Terracore update - Arbeite am Terracore update
@hanginStunning Waterfalls and Watering Holes of the World.
@ezunjoshyMy First Landscape Painting
@zo3dMy first flowering Cactus
@dominion01Goodnight Blurtians- What will you do to build Blurt tomorrow? 🤔🤔🤔☝️🌱🌱🌱🏗️💯
@cosmicboy123Flora de la Península de Yucatán, Planta Crosandra
@usagigallardo15Instablurt - Can You Eat Boiled Crabs
@cleanenergygarroDon Henley - Dirty Laundry - Scotty mar10
@team-mexicoVotos - TeamMexico / Curación / Curation 040
@bring我的岳父 My Father-in-law
@nainaztengraCelebrations of Nowruz Festival yesterday
@olusolaemmanuelNaira Redesign: Emefiele Apologises For E-Payment Glitches
@yakubenkoPortrait from photo.
@andriannaA trip to the lake Arahley. Beautiful rainbow.
@clixmoneyLeaving Turkey to the unknown!
@drutterCryptocurrencies doing fine as global financial system crumbles
@blurttribeGuess the Word and Win Blurt #233 ! 40 Blurt Reward
@kgakakillergHappy monster wall (Original digitalart I post New creations daily)
@kryptodenno5000 BlurtPower - Delegation Raffle / Delegationsverlosung #892 (incl. Winner of #884)
@ecosynthesizerECS Curation Report ! March 22, 2023, 05:26:50
@davidesimonciniTomatoes, garlic, and Parmigiano Spaghetti pasta - BLURTFOOD
@onchain-curatorAn opportunity to collectively gain traction for #blurt on Twitter. Don't miss this!
@jelenaaMy first Barbie cake for my daughter's birthday
@drlobesOverwhelmed & Actifit March 21 2023
@cryptopieI've been trying to lose fake weight while hoping to gain more real body weight
@baibouaA Day of Sun, Sand, and Friendship!
@ollasysartenesLas pruebas de ADN alimentario nos ayudan a conocernos mejor y a saber qué comer. !ESP-ENG!

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Thanks buddy have a great weekend :)

Thank you for the curation and the highlight.

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You are more than welcome!!!! 🙏

Congratulations to the author's and me. I received some coconut

Gracias por el support. 🤟🏼
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