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Curated by me! Today, I really threw around with those coconuts!!!

I have a lot of good posts, that you can check out today!

I usually curate with a 30% vote, that is roundabout 30 BLURTS that I dish out. But today, I used a 25% vote to be able to vote even more awesome Blurtarians! That way, I can spread the votes amongst more bloggers without draining the votepower too much.

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I really do my best to curate manually and I take a look at the posts, but of course I miss a lot of awesome bloggers here on Blurt. Every day new bloggers are joining Blurt and I can't possibly find them all...

So if you know a good blogger here, please leave me a message in the comments and I will review it!

Please use the comments section to nominate new awesome bloggers!!!

DO NOT endorse yourself - That sucks and I will ignore it...

Hey ho, let's go! I dished out those coconuts! 🥥

These are my curated posts of the day:

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@testarastaTransfusion es un juego independiente, pero también se puede jugar como un mod de Quake 1 / QW hasta la versión 1.01 incluida. !ESP-ENG!
@mein-senf-dazuHappy Bday Hive
@mtravelArtist's conk - a beautiful arboreal mushroom
@jelenaaExploring the abandoned Spitzer Castle and the sad story behind it
@in-macroCannonball Tree in Army's Fortress Center - Talking about Life
@manuel782 stories writen with ai based off stories i create
@baahGeopolitical Rumblings Leave U.S. Behind - Moon Of Alabama
@kryptodenno5000 BlurtPower - Delegation Raffle / Delegationsverlosung #891 (incl. Winner of #883)
@ecosynthesizerECS Curation Report ! March 21, 2023, 03:33:33
@bam-bi(Eng-Esp) Morning Inspirational word - Life with God
@iyanpol12My Actifit Report Card: March 20 2023
@onerayAnd... how was your work today? ESP-ENG
@ultravioletmagThe red string of fate
@mostrorobot[esp+eng] H2H - Lo nuevo de Molotov
@hanginAbandoned Cemeteries in Bangkok City.
@hugo1954Comandos para la administracion de bases de datos en MySQLAdmin !ESP-ENG!
@andriannaNow I draw so much that there is almost no time to walk with my friends as before.
@ludevieluceroAnother new Blurtblog user: Another Succesful Onboarding
@besticofinderWedding Time - at Galle
@jlphotographyI turned one of my best friends into a model, Andrea.
@josua1The Hague issues arrest warrant against Putin and thus exposes itself to ridicule!
@cristoRecuerdos importantes (ESP-ENG)
@lxsxlA dog in my house? Deu/eng
@blurttribeGuess the Word and Win Blurt #232 ! 40 Blurt Reward
@team-mexicoVotos - TeamMexico / Curación / Curation 039
@onchain-curatorOCC's Art of Curation ! 20th March, 2023.
@leifasaurConstruction of a Grey Water Cesspit
@yakubenkoI would like to share with you the process of drawing a new portrait.
@cryptopieOur money is not safe for saving it in banks that is why we need cryptos before the FED makes the value of FIAT money to further tank
@drutterPeace - The Most Important Topic on Earth
@baibouaA Cozy Café with Breathtaking Views

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