11 days are left until 7/07/2022

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11 days are left until 7/07/2022.

I try to summarize here what has happened since my post "Important Date" from 2 weeks ago here.

We have officially learned that there are 3 Blurt founders: @baabeetaa, @jacobgadikian and @megadrive.

We have officially learned that there is no Blurt Foundation at all. It's just a name. There is no registered foundation.

The members who used to call themselves "Foundation", from now on I will call them "Temporary Government". These include: @jacobgadikian, @megadrive, @rycharde and @saboin.

We have officially learned that there are multiple Blurt accounts that contain Blurt that is not owned by any person or group. The accounts are called: @socialgraph, @initblurt, @blurt.regent ...
I do not know if there are any others.

I like to call the Blurt Stake that is in these accounts "Community Blurt".

We have learned that these Blurt accounts vote with very great power on the witness list.

Status as of 8 days ago:

@initblurt votes for witness with 22,058,826.103 BP.
@socialgraph votes for witness with 23,013,822.602 BP.
@blurt.regent votes for wittnes.
@blurt.regent seems to have BP equal to 1 only. I don't know exactly how it is done, but the votes are much higher. Through a code this is disguised. rycharde talked about it in a comment a few days ago. He knows and the foundation knows, how it is done hidden.

@megadrive gives these votes with this enormous power of well over 45 million BP to certain witnesses or takes them away. Just as it pleases him and as the witnesses talk after his mouth.

This is the absolute centralization. It's a megadrive-one-man-show.

We know there are 20 witnesses who are in the top20. These witnesses are well informed and should actually inform the users all the time. Some of these witnesses are also developers and know the code.

So, the "Temporary Government" people knew about the 07/07/2022 date. The Top20 witnesses knew or should have known about the date.

And ... what happened...
I had to come out of my sinking and publish a post that pointed out the close approaching date. Me of all people ... when so many aggressions are already aimed at me.

@megadrive writes almost only with insinuations and assumptions. Now I do the same once.

It seems that the "Temporary Government" people and the witnesses just want to keep quiet about the 07/07/2022 date and just continue beyond 07/07/2022 as they have been doing.

This alone is a scandal!
Alone this leads to a massive loss of confidence!

At the start of Blurt, the "Temporary Government" made a binding commitment to end its regency exactly after 2 years. And now these 2 years will be over exactly on 07/07/2022.



So on 07.07.20222 changes must occur.

There is no more legitimacy for the witness list to be voted with the votes of the blurt community accounts. These votes are to be removed. This will give more validity to the votes of the community.

The monthly payments from the Blurt community accounts to a circle of people is to be stopped.

All Blurt community accounts should be disclosed.

Etc. I don't want to repeat myself.

From many statements from @megadrive we could learn that he is not ready for these changes.

From Jacob's post we could learn the following:

  • no blocks or account removals
  • no tolerance of attacks on the network
  • no more regent
  • no censorship
  • no promises of anything to anyone at any time
  • no me pay attention to silly noise
  • no me like “sanctioning” users or buying drones
  • no me think anyone here has any right to any claim on external work of Ricardo’s or mine
  • no market making
  • no centralized control
  • no foundation (as we have always said, it’s just some dudes making some stuff)
  • no corporation

This post by Jacob was 5 days ago.

I strongly suspect that the community is now waiting for an explanation of how these two fundamentally contradictory positions by Jacob and @megadrive are supposed to fit together.

I have not found an explanation so far.

Unfortunately, we have learned something else significant.

It appears to be possible on Blurt to freeze or steal accounts.

@megadrive has officially told @ctime and other users that their accounts will be frozen with a deadline.

This is another scandal!

From comments one can learn that the decision was taken back. However, as far as I know, there is still no official explanation.

One witness did not "just" want to freeze the affected accounts. He wanted to steal them to another account.

One witness wanted to set the deadline so tight that it could only have been met by starting a power down immediately.

I will not mention the names of these two witnesses. If they have even a bit of character, out themselves so users know not to continue giving these witnesses their Witness votes.

In general, witness discussions must be public.

An exception should only be made if there is a threat of attacks from outside.

Now @megadrive has published this half-hearted " armistice post" 3 days ago.

At the same time he continued in the "witness-private" channel exactly as before. With insinuations, assumptions, unsubstantiated allegations, paranoia of conspiracy, etc.

This showed me that his post was nothing but hot air.

Earlier I coincidentally read this comment by @megadrive:

"... you also don’t know the history of the first investor double-u and the fact that it wasnt just the post he made attacking me about supporting Ukraine it was deeper than that, but let me tell you the main fight with double-u was that he was so against vote trading services (VTS) that he was going turn Blurt into a police state, with witness blacklists, api limiting, removing ability of small accounts to delegate to larger ones but allowing large ones to delegate to smaller ones thus creating a dual class oligarchy. I support economic freedom so I stood up to all of this, had the community supported him in the manner you think he deserved, Blurt would be more policed than it is now."

This comment practically abounds in lies about me again!

Through this behavior of @megadrive it becomes clear that with this man no cooperation is possible. He lies almost in every second sentence.

I had already written this several times, but unfortunately I have to do it again.

There are a few well-known people here on Blurt besides @megadrive who project their own thoughts and their own fantasies onto their opponents. That is, they constantly assume that their opponents are as seedy and sick in character as they are themselves. This is a common thread across all topics and arguments here on Blurt. I think these people will never drop this trait, and they hang on to money so much that they will always continue with this shabby method.

By the way @practicalthought, before the topic of "freezing" accounts, I probably read the word "property rights" several hundred times in their posts. Now that property rights should indeed be massively violated, I haven't read that word from you. You're just making up your "truth" as you just please.

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I may not have been part of that whole agreement neither did i even know about it until now but sincerely speaking the truth remains wether it liked or hated by all. On the one hand @megadrive and the other members of the "temporary government" like you would call them made a promise and on the other I can imagine a founder having to leave his own foundation. Maybe both of them should say something because in my opinion this whole silence leaves ys in doubt about the fate of blurt. If the majority of the people want something, i may just suggest that megadrive leaves his personal ego for the good of the community else he might just be ruining his own work.

phenomenal reporting

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Thanks for clarifying these points!

Ok - now I'm going to have a quick rant - it might as well be here as anywhere...

Having gone through this bullshit on both Steemit and Hive (as well as POB and VYB) I have fully had a guts full watching this play out. I wanted Blurt to succeed because it had no downvoting and seemed to have a better vibe than the satanic cabal nests of Steemit and Hive. But right now this platform looks to be just as fucked as those others were. I live in New Zealand and my entire country is fucked so I don't have time for this.

All I want is an uncensored blogging platform. At this point, for all it's faults, I think that is going to be Bastyon. I have 66k of Blurt tokens but they are only worth $500 and I can't even be arsed selling them. I'm going to take a break from this clown show and concentrate on more important things.

Shoutout to @ultravioletmag and @world-travel-pro - if you guys would like to catch up on Bastyon chat please look me up - https://bastyon.com/frot

@lucylin convinced me to give it a decent try. But he has been driven off the platform. Where have you gone you ex-Blurt pimp? - you look me up too - that's an order!


Thanks for sharing your history with Steem & Hive, same happened to me and both my old accounts are virtually useless due to no fault of my own...

I still see Great Potential for Blurt and hope you give it more time.

Thanks for the shout out. I have a feeling things will be set straight here. But we will see.

I respect your decision. And I like what's going on in bastyon. Especially the part where they said that the most commented posts will be trending. That's how a social media should function.

Good idea!

awe man, I have to sign up to that site now, but don't give this place up yet we are making changes together with our voices.

Bastyon is so close to working - long post blog - here is a test post - not quite, but almost!


I will do wait and see...in the end i may just do blog posts on Blurt despite the total lack of engagement, and copy them to my WP blog and to Bastyon, not for money but for a chance of censorship resistance.

Bastyon is a collection of great ideas that never quite manages to keep up technically. It runs like a snail sometimes. But at least they have big goals. And the chat is really well set up. It feels like a genuine attempt at privacy.

You feel someoen big will step up eventually and create a new one who has millions / billions to jjst plough in and make it slick. I doubt they will use one of the existing ones tbh. Although I guess fb started as a small project and grew.

FB started as a massive psyop with unlimited funding and grew!

Do you think? I think it might have been a genuine uni project type thing then he got pulled into the dark side and before long it was too late to get out. I think they came in and infiltrated it. MySpace guy probably wasn’t up for it so was disposed of. Tom we miss you he should start a blockchain one lol

No i thhink it was set up by Mossad who run the CIA, and they used puppet suckerburg as a cover story...they have good dirt on him, hes a pervert and his wife is another tranny

Interesting my opinion is steemit and hive and maybe even blurt who knows was set up by the CIA as an experiment. I What evidence did you find out about Zuck? He’s defo reptilian

just left you message in bastyon

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Do you think Jeff Bezos should just hand over all his AMZN shares to the workers ?

When I was a student working in a Lumber Mill there were always these random workers who were simply envious and jealous of the people who created and owned the Company. The very successful owners who took great risk to start the Lumber Mill and employ and pay hundreds of people. Some workers were always angry earning $30,000 a year when the Owners drove nice cars and took vacations. Some people thought the workers should run the company and they didn’t need the owners. They created a Union and wanted to kick out the Owners. It was all very strange. I think this is some kind of weird Communist mentality. But maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway. I think Graphene blockchain is beautiful. We have Steem, Hive and Blurt.

If you have a problem with the Owners, Whales, Witnesses, just build your own Front End.

I’m building Dblurt.com





Even tho I know amazon is absolutely horrendous to listers and sellers I acruallt always defend him cause I say to ppl stop buying from them! So other businesses still have a chance. If we keep buying from amazon cause it’s cheap postage eventually other businesses won’t be able to compete it is rly up to us to spend a few £ more now to stop completely world domination but I still don’t blame Jeff bezos as he’s never rly been inauthentic it’s obvious all he wants is money. And maybe to get into space

The difference is the intention of the company. Jeff bezos never tried to pretend he was a decentralised business or wanting free speech or equality etc. It’s very clear he wants to make profits I don’t think anyone can be confused by his intentions. Blockchain social however has a whole narrative that it is supposedly not centralised. We all understand there is some form of centralisation but the point is to make it the least centralised possible not the most. This is why bitcoins always done well as the creator started it with no ego he made it and walked away for the community to run. I doubt even for money as surely they would have taken some out by now from the genesis account. It was very clear the foundation was just supposed to be a collection of people to look out for the interests of the users and really to be voted in fairly by concensus. This isn’t supposed to be a one man dictatorship, thars liferalt the entire point of blockchain social to not have one ego running the show but it’s power to the people. Having a few representatives of the people is one thing. Jeff bezos has never ever pretended to be anything other than a straight up business man wanting profit. If that’s what mega d wants he should just be clear so ppl decide if they want to post or not. Etc

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Bitcoin ? Really ?

Nakamoto owns between 750,000 and 1,100,000 bitcoin. In November 2021, when bitcoin hit its still-highest value of over US$68,000, that would have made his net worth up to US$73 billion, which would have made him the 15th-richest person in the world at the time.

It’s funny how many people believe that crypto has nothing to do with money, when that is all it is.

I think if he wanted the money he would have gotten some out by now

How do you know he hasn’t ?

But he’s never ever moved it or taken it out? He could have thrown the key away or died

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How do you know ? He could have several accounts. I know I do.

and its been way over 10 years now I think you would just take the lump sum at this point

Not if it’s going to 1 Million.

He could never know that tho and at some point when you’re already one of the richest people in the world I’m sure you take enough out to live a bit by this point. I mean it must be about 15 years later by this point if he was 40 when he did it he’d be 55 by now I’m sure he wants to enjoy some of it. I’m pretty sure by this point that he would take a chunk out, suggesting he isnt doing it just for money else he would’ve cleared that account out awhile ago. But hey who knows

he totally could have and he defo could have made a ton of money but if it was purely his intention to make money he literally has an account that would make him one of the richest guys on the planet.

Might be a great idea although I'm not so sure on the name "Dblurt".

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What would be a better name ? There are infinite possibilities.

Blurt.life ?

Blurt.space ?

Blurt.rocks ?

It could anything you want. We just need to learn the code to build it. I learned Html, and JavaScript… mostly copy paste with some edits. Keep it simple.

On Hive we already have Leo, Cent, POB, VYB, Waivio, CineTV, etc etc unlimited possibilities.

Infinite Front Ends ….. this was the original Idea.

All built on the Blurt blockchain…



Megamouth is full of shit, @jacobgadikian is full of shit, they all will not answer any question with a straight answer, the price of this shit coin is worth nothing because of them, but they will blame you or I for asking questions, they should all be poli fucking ticians, long live blurt, NOT. For any of you blurt tech nerds, sort the fucking place out, and stop the excuses, you have had your freeride, now get on with adding some value, as we are not going to do it for you.

I think there are two ways to start blockchain (I may be wrong):

blockchain business - what the "fake foundation" did by printing 45 million BLURT for themselves (in reality much much more)

Form a legal entity: If anything should happen to your business (like a lawsuit or injury), you would be personally liable unless you form a legal business entity. But if you form your company as an LLC, S Corp or C Corp, it will prevent you from being personally liable.

(publish date Feb, 2019)

a decentralized blockchain that will air drop all the funds (this can be done by returning 45 M to DAO)

My appeal to the fake "foundation"

Dig yourself out of the shit for $29.99 FREE

megadrive friendly witnesses are still being voted with the following accounts:





Maybe 45M can be distributed to the users of this blockchain. Or just incinerated.

A decent size wooden shovel, both spade and square goes for approximately 200MXN here. 5 feet long, mas menos.

this can be done by returning 45 M to DAO

I do not know if it can be returned or if there was ever any real BLURT crypto to have to return ever.

The dao account will no longer give direct funds to socialgraph except through proposals which the community will have to vote on. I suggest we start talking about how much funding the socialgraph account should recieve.

If you can fund a new fork and new crypto for a new social graphene chain with aid from some required tech-savvy individuals, whomever that may be, all the power to you.

Nothing less nothing more.

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I think you're conflating a few things here.

The regent account was a special account that was put in place at the beginning that could only vote on witnesses and DAO proposals. Only the three founders have access to it. It was meant as a self-defence mechanism in case someone wanted to try a takeover. It started with a voting power equal to half of the initial supply of BLURT. Its power diminished by 1/24 each month, and it will have reached 0 voting power on 2022/07/04 (24 months after the genesis of Blurt). So the regent account will no longer have any power after that date. This was put into the Blurt code in the beginning and happens automatically.

The "temporary government", as you say, created a proposal on the DAO proposal system that gave Socialgraph full custody of the DAO funds until 2022/07/07. That's the date when that proposal ends. After that date, Blurt users will be able to create proposals that can be voted on by the community as to whether they will be funded or not. Socialgraph can put in a new proposal as well as anybody else. That's what is going to happen on 2022/07/07. The proposals will be open, and instead of all the funds going to socialgraph, it will be open for others to apply for funding through the proposal system, and the community will vote on the proposals in the same way that they do on Steem and Hive.

There is a UI frontend for the proposal system here: https://ecosynthesizer.com/blurt/proposals. You can check there and verify what I am saying. It is also possible to use this interface for creating proposals and for voting on them.

@initblurt, and @socialgraph are part of a founders' fund that was minted at genesis. I think @jacobgadikian has said something about this somewhere recently, but I can't find the reference right this moment. The founders' fund has nothing to do with the other two things that were mentioned above.

That's all I wanted to clarify.

"The regent account was a special account that was put in place at the beginning that could only vote on witnesses and DAO proposals. Only the three founders have access to it. It was meant as a self-defence mechanism in case someone wanted to try a takeover. It started with a voting power equal to half of the initial supply of BLURT."

Was the regent account ever used?
If yes, what evidence is there that it was only used to defend against a takeover attempt?

"The founders' fund has nothing to do with the other two things that were mentioned above."
Then what does the 45 million BP have to do with?

The existence of that massive artificial stake of BP was something I was worried about when I first joined Blurt. I asked What about supply?:

"I have an eventual target of one million BLURT in mind. But before I continue to buy and earn my way there, I'd really like to better understand the source of these digital tokens. Perhaps the answer is 'it works pretty much the same as it does on Steem/Hive/etc'. I have a rudimentary understanding of that, and I'm satisfied there is some limit to the number of them, they are created in a predictable way, and no one person (or small group) controls the ability to generate more on a whim (like the Federal Reserve does with the USD). Or maybe it's completely different here than other chains?"

My buddy @world-travel-pro joined me in seeking clarification on these issues, and asked top20 witness @imransoudagar if he would give us some help. Soon thereafter Imran left me this comment. Some of my questions were answered, and some information was given, but looking back I note there is nothing in there about those large stakes... something I was clearly asking about. Concerns were diminished and brushed aside.

My response contained "If there's an infinite supply of tokens coming from somewhere, that makes them less attractive to me, for buying and earning. When I see the creators and first level of users selling their investment to me (and other newcomers), it raises some fears."

It was good of Imran to help out with some info, but it doesn't appear to be complete information. Perhaps he wasn't aware of the huge accounts, or felt it wasn't worth mentioning (because it supposedly is not liquid and can't be sold). I don't know. But after that partial explanation, nobody else (from the "foundation" or otherwise) volunteered any clarification. I continued to build my wallet and now have 500,000 BLURT, which of course has fallen to nearly worthless in the past couple weeks. IMO this is a result of the "foundation"s lack of transparency around these issues, and their emotional reactions that caused investor whales to become spooked.

Recently, Imran made a post comparing certain opponents of the foundation to dogs, something I did not find helpful. (I am removing my witness vote for him as a result.)

And now, we are finding out that indeed there is a massive stake of BLURT, created from thin air, held by accounts owned by Megadrive. This is thanks to people like @double-u, who investigated and brought up valid points which were mostly brushed aside or attacked.

So yeah, I am not feeling particularly happy about how things have gone in the past couple months. We had such promise, too. Now, I really don't know.

Tell me please, I asked for you, and I got this answer :

only swap pools behave in that cause-n-effect fashion - if u buy some tokens, the swap price will algorithmically increase - different to an open market

What do you think about that ?

Thanks for asking, but I don't know the answer. I think I would need to know more information and background.
Do you have an opinion on it?

No, I don't understand trading that much. I tried to find an answer to your question and that's what I was told. If you precise you question even more I will try to find the right anwer. Maybe I didn't ask correctly. I asked the following : "Why drutter kept buying blurt but that didn't affect the price ?". Or how should I ask it ?

I think I will probably not fully understand the answer, anyway...
Thanks for trying :))

I have shared all the information and I gave you the rich list which had the list of all the usernames.

You could have checked anytime. No information was withheld. I gave you the sources to check them.

I forgot to mention the stake you talk about is because it wasn't at the top on my mind at that moment.

About the Dogs 🤦🏻‍♂️ you missed the part where there's something to learn. It's a way of explaining. Maybe you don't get it. I spent a good part of my life writing online and I must say not everyone will be pleased with whatever we write.

Thank you for your witness vote.

You ask if the regent account was used only to defend and what evidence we have of it I think you will have to go through my posts and read bits and pieces of Blurt history I usually share with new users.

Blurt was attacked several times. One of the Major attacks was the Xmas attack.

You can find some information about it in Official Blurt announcements and in MegaDrive's posts.

And check the Blockchain at Blurt Blocks from the time of December 2020. I think the attack came right after 15 or 18th. I'm not sure but you can check the Blockchain to get some bloated transactions that someone was messing up by creating multiple witnesses and transactions.

It was the biggest attack Blurt faced. You can also check some recent posts by Jacob I think we mentioned it too.

It took around a month for the Dev's, all the witnesses and the Blurt Core Team to patch up everything and they lost valuable holiday time with their families.

Posted from https://blurt.live

Well, it's the big stakes I was most concerned about, and you forgot to mention them, okay. The list you linked to only includes 1 of the 3 large stake accounts mentioned in this post. It appears to be very incomplete, or out of date. I notice that my name is also not on there, despite having 390k powered up currently. Surely there are not 500 people with more BLURT? That list provided me no useful information.

"And check the Blockchain at Blurt Blocks"
Thanks but I actually don't know that that means. I am a content-creator and nothing more.

"You can also check some recent posts"
Well that's the best advice you gave me. I will check some posts.

I find it concerning people engage to a point then vanish on the difficult questions seen it twice now just on this thread.

Yes, I feel like the ball is potentially being dropped... this is/was our time to shine, and overcome, and make something of this place and our efforts. Now it feels like momentum is being lost. I'm not aware of much progress in the past week. I'm surprised the price hasn't plunged even further than it has.

Maybe 7/7 will move it someway

You all sound so paranoid, it must be nice, discord, talking about attacks, what a worried life you all must lead. Nobody wants to take over this place as you have all run it into the ground, the price reflects what YOU have all done here, we got the price to 9c, you bunch of what I can not even explain have got it down to less than 1 cent, you lot did that, all of you, I would not buy this site if it was the last one on this planet, not with you lot involved, fork away, please do, oh wait, come on, tell me to go get a life, got one.



I return the insult to you in exactly the same way!

They are insane, the tech club on here, self indulgent wankers that will tell you and I to get a life, while they have no life, fuck em, this ship sinks, they sank it.

hehe this looks a little like an attack from an good old well known friend, I don´t believe they did it on their selfs, this is the work of some other silly guy !

I am done with this pace brother, we shall make a new place, this was a rehash of steemit, we need something new, not OLD.......

Good afternoon Werner, the @blurtlatam account is managed by my @vickyguevara. I assume that the passwords have been compromised, therefore I have just changed them.

I have never had personal problems with you, nor have I ever had this kind of behavior, of insulting any user, under any circumstances. My dealings with you have always been respectful.

If you check, you may notice that the blurtlatam account has had no activity for many hours, due to internet problems. Apparently it was only used to make this malicious comment.

I repeat this has never been my behavior towards any user and I am not responsible for such a comment. Even so I am very sorry for this situation and I hope this misunderstanding can be cleared up.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

Thank you! Ok, I believe you.
Did anyone else besides you have your posting key fot this account?

No, only I have the keys

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com


There is no more legitimacy for the witness list to be voted with the votes of the blurt community accounts. These votes are to be removed. This will give more validity to the votes of the community.