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Anders als bei uns in Deutschland tragen die Kinder in Uganda in der Schule eine Schuluniform.
Dabei hat jede Schule ihre eigene Uniform.
Es ist für viele Familien nicht nur äußerst schwierig bis unmöglich das Schulgeld aufzubringen, sondern auch die Schuluniform muß von den Eltern bezahlt werden.
Auch das ist immer wieder ein Problem, da die Kinder wachsen und deshalb natürlich hin und wieder eine neue gekauft werden muß.
Auch müßten die Kinder eigentlich mehrere besitzen,
aber auch das ist nicht gegeben.

Unsere drei, für die wir das Schulgeld bezahlt und Hefte / Stifte gekauft haben, bekamen jetzt natürlich auch eine Schuluniform.


Unlike here in Germany, children in Uganda wear a school uniform to school.
Each school has its own uniform.
For many families it is not only extremely difficult or even impossible to raise the school fees, but also the school uniform has to be paid by the parents.
This is always a problem, because the children grow and therefore a new one has to be bought every now and then.
Also, the children would actually have to own several,
but this is also not the case.

Our three, for whom we paid the school fees and bought notebooks / pens, now of course also got a school uniform.


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Just look at what it means to them. There is beauty in little things...little to us but massive for others.

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The most beautiful of this update in Uganda. It is seeing those beautiful faces of innocence, eyes of joy, of confidence, that happiness is what it reflects.

You help many people little by little, but every grain of sand is joy and happiness for each family, be it for adults, youth and children.

The Christmas star that lights up their lives with small details, you are that being sent to help others.

Greetings from Venezuela my Christmas Star.

I am really touched....
Thank you!

These are words that come from the bottom of my heart...

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Thanks, but I don't want to go on any new blockchain anymore.
If it wasn't for Uganda, I wouldn't be anywhere anymore....

Einfach klasse immer wieder weiter so liebe @elkezaksek
LG benni

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When I see your post with the topic of "Update Uganda", I understand that you have helped someone surely. You have done a lot already and you're on the way to support students and people. That's very inspiring!

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Students are looking good in the uniform. Their smiles are explaining all things. To pay school fees, buy books and now give uniforms is really a big support by you mam.

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When you see a hopeful child , you see it in his/her smiles;
You see it in her looks and expressions .
These kids look so promising ! They are happy and it’s glaring .
To the heart that gives and freely gives , we say thank you for always putting a smile on the faces of the less privileged. You made their day and future . God bless you .
The uniform is so fitting on them . This along will boost their ability to study .

Thank you very much!

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This is really commendable I must say
Even here in Nigeria, children also encounter the same difficulty of getting good pairs of uniforms.
May God reward you for all you do.

Gladdening to see the future leaders smiling again...