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congratulations @michelangelo3
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Thanks, I will take a look at it and see how I can use it for my healing tasks. Thanks for always providing good tools. Regards

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Great work, I wish you select me too in your following list as a friend 😊

I've tried it. But when I add the .txt at the end, nothing comes out, just an empty editor field. On the other hand, when the .txt is removed, it will bring up a list of users I follow without the editor field. Did I miss something? How should it be?




In the empty editor field you can enter the users you want to follow. One user per line, as described in the post. Then click on "save" to save your list.

In other words, means I have to type in all the usernames I have followed as listed on my account profile page?

To get all the users you follow on your profile, simply type in your username in the first field, then you get this list.

For a alternate follower list, you can use the .txt feature as described.

Okay, thank you. Very helpful. I understand now.

Hi Friend, I like this application, I will try to do it.

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Very useful tool! You have made way to solve your problems, that's shows your skills. Thanks sir this important information!

Das sieht nach einem guten Werkzeug aus, vielen Dank. Ich glaube, ich werde damit experimentieren, aber in umgekehrter Richtung, indem ich die meisten auf meiner Follow-Liste hinzufüge und eine Handvoll der wichtigsten auf der Blurt-Follow-Liste belasse, also diejenigen, deren Beiträge ich für besonders wertvoll halte. Wenn diese dann erledigt sind, kann ich auf die andere Liste zurückgreifen.

Ich habe schon einige, denen ich folge, löschen müssen, weil ich so viele Beiträge verpasst habe. Viele davon, weil sie ständig andere Beiträge wiederholen, an denen ich nicht interessiert bin. Eine Person hat meinen Follow-Feed mit 6-10 Beiträgen pro Tag überflutet, die andere, denen ich nicht folge, gepostet haben.

Ich danke Ihnen.

This looks to be a nice tool, thank you. I believe I will experiment with it but in reverse, adding most on my follow list and leaving a handful of the most important on Blurt follow list, those whose posts I consider most valuable. Then once those are taken care of I can refer to the other list.

I've already had to delete a few I follow because of missing so many posts. Many of those were because they keep reblurting others posts I'm not interested in. One person was blasting my follow feed with 6-10 posts a day that others I don't follow were posting.

Thank you.

Same thing happens to me, now I have a lot of people on my feed and some are posting things that don't appeal to me, I thought I'd clean up my feed.

Cooles Tool, auch wenn es bei mir noch sehr übersichtlich ist.😂
Aber man weiß ja nie man es gebrauchen kann, werde mir das auf jeden Fall ansehen und ausprobieren. Hat auch direkt geklappt, finde es Klasse.
Danke für deine Arbeit.

Gerade getestet und mein Fazit: Toll, ein nützliches Tool, für das ich Verwendung finde. Vielen Dank dafür.

I don't know about hive... But I never saw a feature like this in steemit. This is really valuble.Sometimes we are following valuabe users because of their writing quality..But may be my preferences and their prefrences can be changed when we see others posts.. so may be when they reblrut posts I may not like to see them because I may not interested of these areas..So without seeing their reblurt posts, this feature allow to see only our preferenced users posts...What a nice gift..Thank you.

Woww.. how did you come up with something as creative as this?

It's really interesting! Haha. This tool of yours will come in handy

Das ist mir tatsächlich schon oft passiert, daß ich Posts "verpaßt" habe, weil ich manchmal ein paar Tage nicht online bin.
Danke für deine Arbeit!

Amazing. Will it add in blurt official server?

No, I don't think so. It works just the way it is.

ooo. By the way, it proves you do a lot better. Have a nice day.

Is this the new feature of Blurt?

New feature, hmm, it's a tool I made for blurt, it runs on my server, not on the official blurt server.

You are an independent developer. You're cool to be able to do creative things. I'm from 2008 like with PHP and Coding. However, the capacity is not sufficient for the unsupported tools. I want to learn a lot from you.

Oh, I'm not up to date either, stopped 7 years ago. I only do it as a hobby and so that my brain doesn't fall asleep ;-)
The tool is based on PHP, with blurtjs it would run faster. But I didn't feel like learning blurtjs yet.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

I've heard of that. Continues to grow. Good luck. Thank you for sharing the information.