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thank you

I got third place in the contest. I am pleased.
Thank you Programmers.


Hi, We have announced the @blurtchallenge project today on this post: link.

Now we are looking for delegations or sponsoring, if you can help please let us know replying to this comment.

See you at 21th February


congratulations @michelangelo3
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Interesting discussion. But I have absolutely no knowledge of how the system should be built to prevent VTS. It's just that, I hope that whatever steps are taken, it is entirely for the betterment of this community, and of course, it does not burden users.

From my discussion with some users, the main reason they use VTS service is the imbalance at the beginning when they join Blurt. They feel they are not getting attention and support, even though they have tried to make posts as good as possible. In addition to the impatience of users to profit from each of their posts. I think this is the root of the problem.

Greetings change to all of us.

I solute your creativity in this platform.
Best wishes for you.

Just saw the post.... Rather than above proposal I mostly prefer ilnegro @ ctime's proposals. Delegating only from Bigger Bp to Lower Bp can make some restraints to VTS services... But if anyone think smarter they have a way to skip that for those services. I don't want to tell the way because it can be a solution for those VTS. But increasing fees from people who uses VTS will be a good solution than others because it will cost more effort and timely they will adapt to do real curation and posting.

Hello sir how are you.your post is very good.its very good are doing so good work.i appreciate you.

This is a great idea. In a short time, I believe VTS will begin to look elsewhere and leave blurt ecosystem cos they're not, and will not be welcomed.

Das bringt doch nichts, denn der vts braucht doch keine API-Keys, er braucht dann nurr wen, der einen hat, also
Wie willst du verhindern, dass der VTS dann über dann votet?
Dann müsste ja prüfen, ob ein Vote erlaubt ist oder nicht, wie auch immer dann diese Zensuralgoritmen aussehen würden!?

Dann könnte man diesen ja auch gleich doch in die Witnesses einbauen, so das solche Votes nicht möglich sind. Dann brauchst nichts an div. Frontends/Backends ändern.

Wie willst du verhindern, dass der VTS dann über dann votet?

Wie soll ein automatischer Service, also ein Skript, über voten? Wüsste nicht, wie das geht. Oder meinst du per Hand? Ein VTS-Betreiber wird die Menge an Transaktionen rein zeitlich nicht manuell über das Frontend machen können. So zumindest meine Einschätzung.

Das ist gar nicht schwer, ist echt simpel. Du kannst beliebigen JS Code durch Tampermonkey bzw greasemonkey in eine Webseite "schleusen".

Kleines Beispiel:

Also du kannst ein Frontend nach deinen Gutse verändern. Und auch klicks auf einen Button simulieren.

Ach ja, da gab's mal SteemPlus oder wie das hieß, glaub das basierte auch auf der Grundlage. Hmm, ja, mit Spuke und Geduld könnte man das vielleicht hinkriegen.

Meinst du so ein Bot zu erstellen?
So schwer ist das gar nicht.

Ja, den Bot meinte ich. Stell ich mir schon aufwendig vor. Erst die Votes die man abgeben will wie bisher aus der API holen, jeweils den aktuellen Post vom User suchen, im Post dann den Upvote Button treffen und als "blinder" Bot nachsehen, ob der Vote erfolgreich war.

Na ja, wie auch immer, machbar wäre es vielleicht, aber unter leicht stell ich mir schon was anderes vor ;-)

Ein erfahrener Programmierer erstellt dir das in 1 Std.
Button treffen= 1-2 Zeilen Code inkl. Klicken dank jquery. Also das ist in der Tat noch das einfachstr an allem.
Und der rest nun ja das ist ja eigentlich schon mehr oder wenuger vorhanden.

Hallo Andreas super erklärt sogar ich der null Plan hat glaube es zu verstehen mit Bildern das hilft Usern wie mir 👍

Es wäre schön, wenn die Diskussion die bisher auf Discord geführt wurde, hier weitergeführt wird, so hätten alle etwas davon!

Darum nutze ich kein Discord es geht vieles verloren !

Hey atego, freut mich, dass du vorbeischaust. Unter uns gesagt, hoffe ich auf eine einfachere Lösung ;-)

Vielen Dank für deinen Vorschlag und die tolle Erklärung!

Die Idee von @ilnegro ist auch sehr interessant und einfach, finde ich.

Die Idee von @ilnegro ist auch sehr interessant

Ja, und vor allem viel leichter umsetzbar, gefällt mir auch sehr gut.

Delegation: droida, looking, tomoyan ! :(

I am aggree with you

If you agree, why did you delegate to different VTSs? Sorry, but that doesn't add up.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

If the problem you want to solve is related to delegation, we can just add the constraint that delegation of BP can only go from a BP higher to a BP lower.
So we can still help newbies but avoid concentration of power in few users.
About API keys I'm against such a solution, we have already fees, if we add another layer that discourage developers and users we can face a great problem with no pros.
A user that run a bot can still do exactly the same as you say without the need of delegation, just voting in behalf of someone else.

How about limited the delegation to a maximum per account Plus only from higher to lower ?

I don't think this would be good.
There may be services, which are not vts and couldn't work then.

What about, ok, the user delegating to droida get rewards, but every one can get an upvote for free. No Delegation needed.

Im new here so i don't know which services here exist, but i think there a some, where this would make problems.

@michelangelo3 mal erwähnen damit du es liest

Meinst nicht es gibt Dienste wo das problematisch wäre? Gibt doch sicherlich nützliche die auf Delegationen angewiesen sind oder?

A very good idea, much easier to implement. This way, a VTS could not grow into a cancer, provided that the whole BP, including the existing delegations, is compared.

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Excellent explanation, superb solution and deep discussion! I'm really looking forward to see what you're doing and what will you do to stop VTS. Thanks sir for this brief and useful update!

Ending VTS does not seem to be something that is permisible. We would need organic consensus voting and an extensive detailed explanation on what is VTS, how it all workd and much more data ie graphs and numbers depicting over the vts projects, The different ways they are handled etc.
The idea to be properly informed to make a legitimate desicion as a whole community whether VTS is good or bad.

What I think is going on here is regulation.

I guess your comment slipped one level. Anyway, you are quite right, if a VTS is in operation, there must be evidence of clear misuse, as is the case in the graphic above.

What I think is going on here is regulation.

Not just regulation, much worse, harmful VTS could be completely shut down. However, and this is important, only the automatic transactions. The account can still be used manually without restrictions via frontend.

I'm saying it for 3rd time. Increase the voting transaction fees for VTS, that's it. 10 min work and problem solved.

Charge them 25 to 50% from vote value and burn it

Interesting possibility, would be nice if it could be done in 10 minutes. But it's certainly easier, much easier than my proposed solution. I fear, however, that the VTS would switch to services like Autovoter, which would vote directly with the user's account and thus no longer be identifiable as VTS.

Auto voting works on Hive, it's not a big problem. Curation trails where you follow manual curators are good. Auto voting on your favorite author is OK. Our biggest problem is delegation based VTS, Hive fixed the problem with downvotes, we can fix it with FEES.

Btw, I was the first person who started downvoting posts upvoted by bidbots on Hive wokechain

We thank you, and to the witnesses who took part in silencing VTS. We continue to follow the latest updates, if you need support, we are ready to help as normal users.

we are ready to help

Some time ago I had written that if no one uses this services, they will go elsewhere. That would be the easiest way and I think we are on the right track. Thanks for stopping by.

Okay. Hopefully our togetherness in silencing the VTS is realized.

Mute VTS