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Grandios!!! Super gemacht ...

Very good. You've come up with something out of the ordinary.

Without any iota of doubt, this post is highly educative and beneficial. Kudos 👍

Very useful and valueable feature!

Hi, how do I get fanbase tool?

Wow! I like this tool, there are some features like outgoing votes counter, witness votes and etc.

Thanks for this sir.

God post
You are doing a good jon

Really valuable feature again. Upvoted and hope more great features from you regarding this VTS problem.

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I have come to join you. sorry a little late.
There was a lot of work on campus. I've used it.

I can see which is using IDUVTS. Thanks for the update.


You are great, always healthy.

Das ist ja Super! Danke für das Update!

Really appreciating apdate! It's small but so effective. I think you're determined to improve the voting system neat and clean. And it's a good step to make our chain useful for all.

Sehr gut, noch eine super Einstellung, hinzugefügt. Danke dafür, bei mir läuft es Spitze. Ist eine große Erleichterung.

This is a great feature I love it. Now I can know who uses VTS in my list of friends and unfollow them instantly.

Amazingly, with this update we can see all the VTS lists used by the people we follow.


Hello sir how are you.your post is very good. Its very good news.i appreciate your work.thanks a lot

It's good that every time we have new updates for the IDUVTS

Einfach nur echt spitze!!!
Herzlichen Dank dafür!

Editierst du in dem Post-Text auch noch, dass dein Tool auch oben im "About" sucht. Danke!

Great news. Upvote and reblog

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Thanks for the update. I will have to fix my typing error now and change iduvs to iduvts on my location.

Haha - and I manually curated your post written 11 days ago. While reading, I had forgotten when it was written, and bang:
The Year of the Tiger... I was lost. But now I've found my way again, so here's a belated 100% on your comment. I've been waiting for the opportunity since yesterday.


I really need to post more often. I am slow to get into habits and when I couldn't log into at my school I stopped interacting. Now Blurtlatam has a working front end and little by little I am getting back into Blurt. Enjoy your Wednesday. Thanks for the upvote.

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