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I pray to this god. May your friend's soul rest in peace.

Bro. I read one of your comments, is it true that you stopped witnessing?

If Jacob hadn't taken action, I would have deactivated my Witness tonight. Here is my comment to Jacob, I will wait and see.

To be clear, it would only have been the Witness Node, which doesn't mean I'm leaving here.

It seemed he had already taken action. Blurt stays on the right path.

Can only help with prayers, may the war end soon!

May our main motive in life be love, resilience and reconciliation, for a better world for our children.

Peace and love💫

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Now, I have written about New updates of Russia and Ukraine -war situation.
Please click the following link.

We hereby declare no to war. That indeed peace is the right of all nations, and because of that, wars in this world must be abolished.


Das war leider schon immer so. Traurig....

Beautiful prayer words. I also offer a series of prayers for world peace and safety in my two poems.

Hope you are always in good health.

Hello @michelangelo3 We Pray for abundant peace to you and your household
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Kann ich dir nur zustimmen. Leider

The purpose of survival is peace. So everyone wants to live in peace.

May the Almighty grant peace and patience to you and your friend's entire family!