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Happy New Year @michelangelo3 We are honoured to celebrate the new year with you
Thank you for posting quality content on blurt
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What a joy to see you and read you again by sharing in Blurt, and value content for users. I take this publication to send you my best wishes in this year 2022, I wish all your heart that all your dreams come true, close to your loved ones.
Good vibes.

Thank you Angelica, also my best wishes to you, may your dreams come true. Good Vibes!

Hey @michelangelo3 happy new year my friend,may God give you good health,wealth and prosperity

Hello dear sir @michelangelo3
New year has come.
2021 year bye! bye!
Has gone from all us .
And New year 2022 has come.
I most welcome to new .
I wish everyone blurTian!
I hope that everything will be good
in our life.
I congratulate from bottom of my heart.

In India we entered the new year 2022 so
Many many good and happy new year 2022
@tariqueshafique from India

i and my family wish you and your family a Happy New Year 2022 by heart. May the New Year bring millions of joys and blessings into your life and may you accumulate a lot of successes and a number of blurts in this year! And be happy with your family.

from now i will follow you.
because your instruction is very helpful.
your post is very informative.
thank you very much for your post.

Danke dir für diese Neuigkeiten und Anleitung.
Habe IOTA und werde das heute mal machen.

Na wunderbar, freut mich, wenn ich nicht umsonst getippselt habe. Hoffe es hat geklappt.

Schade besitze leider keine Iota . Hätte ich das vorher gewusst hätte ich lieber Iota statt Matic gekauft ,aber so spielt das leben.

Mir hat mal jemand gesagt, eine alte Krypto-Weisheit, streich "hätte ich das vorher gewusst" aus deinem Wortschatz. Na ja, ich hab's schon hundert mal gestrichen, kommt irgendwie immer wieder durch ;-) Ja, so spielt das leben.

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Yo digo gracias.

Very good news sir!
You have brought a pleasing news.
I'll try to follow your instructions to get it.
Thank you very much for this informative post!

It is really good. I like this. go ahead.
god bless you.

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Thank you @abiga554!

jetzt is es klar warum iota 16% plus hatte in einer Woche...

Alles gute ürn Drop!!

lg 🤠

Danke, läuft... ;-)