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[EN] Deutsche Version weiter unten

More and more dubious accounts are using the tag #deutsch lately without posting German content.

Bild mit Dank an Geralt/Pixabay

@robiul4545, @m40, @rokib1212, @robiul4545, @maruf1515, @sohel121, @sadiya8080, @riya00, @naziur, @jinnah - the tag #deutsch is intended for posts written in German. Please stop using #deutsch in your tags if you don't publish in German.

@ctime please check out the above accounts.

Also, @naziur and @jinnah not only vote for each other, they post almost identical posts. As an example, this post by naziur compared to this one by jinnah:


Unfortunately, @naziur and @jinnah's posts are mostly voted with over 100 BLURT by @upvu, @looking, @blurtbd, @bring, @nrg, @powerclub and @blurtcurator among others. Maybe this info is useful for you guys.

Please understand me correctly, everyone should vote for the content he finds good. But, as long as spam and plagiarism is voted, we will have the problem.


Immer mehr dubiose Accounts nutzen in letzter Zeit den Tag #deutsch ohne deutschen Inhalt zu posten.

@robiul4545, @m40, @rokib1212, @robiul4545, @maruf1515, @sohel121, @sadiya8080, @riya00, @naziur, @jinnah - der Tag #deutsch ist für Beiträge gedacht, die in deutscher Sprache verfasst sind. Bitte hört auf #deutsch in euren Tags zu verwenden, wenn ihr nicht auf deutsch veröffentlicht.

@ctime bitte schau dir die oben genannten Accounts an.

Außerdem, @naziur und @jinnah voten sich nicht nur gegenseitig, sie veröffentlichen fast identische Beiträge. Als Beispiel dieser Beitrag von naziur verglichen mit diesem von jinnah:


Leider werden die Posts von @naziur und @jinnah meistens mit über 100 BLURT gevotet, unter anderem von @upvu, @looking, @blurtbd, @bring, @nrg, @powerclub und @blurtcurator. Vielleicht ist diese Info nützlich für euch.

Bitte versteht mich richtig, jeder soll für die Inhalte voten die er für gut findet. Aber, solange Spam und Plagiarismus gevotet wird, werden wir das Problem haben.



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All sort of spamming needs to be stopped and I'm glad that you are making efforts to regulate it on here.

You're doing impressive stuff

Thanks for mentioning the list of spamming users.

@looking you have delegations from spam accounts, which you may be unknowingly supporting back. Please check.

Also, @michelangelo3 users are posting in the #blurtafrica tag too for spam content. Sometimes there seems a chain of connections, but sometimes it breaks, as some people unknowingly included are real persons. Maybe coal let them know those accounts, better.

Hey my dear,,here is my some word about this matter....

Hi. Do you know any script for nodejs that will remove all votes from given user?

No, I don't know. I see that the current posts have not been voted, that's good. Thank you!

Nice and idealistic theory.


Congratulations, your post has been curated by @dsc-r2cornell. You can use the tag #R2cornell. Also, find us on Discord

Manually curated by Blessed-girl

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Felicitaciones, su publicación ha sido votada por @ dsc-r2cornell. Puedes usar el tag #R2cornell. También, nos puedes encontrar en Discord

You are right, but it should be necessary to check the post before voting, then only he can vote on his post, I have seen only few posts like this. Thanks for sharing @michelangel03

Diese Accounts sind mir auch schon aufgefallen. Vorallem diese Transaktionen untereinander zeigen dass diese Accounts zusammenhängen.
Ich habe bereits ein Merge Request auf gitlab für die COAL Liste gestellt.

The rate of plagiarism is becoming alarming
Thank you for this discovery
We need to be keen about eradicating this menace.

Using the #deutsch tag on a post that is not in german simply means a beg for upvote and that is spam
Spam can also mean plagiarism in most cases.
We need to keep educating people on how to desist from this actions


You're it.

How does Blurt get rid of spam?

Now that Blurt price is up more will try to spam. I hope your stop sign works. In a lot of countries people don't even slow down at a stop sign. I love Germany. People keep traffic rules well. The only thing that ever bothered me was paying that one Euro bathroom fee on the autoban. If you gotta go then you gotta go.

Worth a Euro^^

paying that one Euro bathroom fee

I will propose to be able to choose between large and small transactions at the entrance, 50ct for small transactions would be enough.

I love the idea and then pay another 50ct for large transactions. Shit posting around the world should all be taken care of in this matter.

Plagiarism means "use of another person's written work without acknowledging the source" or "unauthorized use of patented or copyrighted materials"(Dict Box Urdu Eng)
So, all users should know the meaning of plagiarism. I admit that few users don't know what the meaning of plagiarism. Please! If you are warned for plagiarism, stop it immediately.
You don't have authority to steal someone's literature. It is also a offensive sin. It can blame our beautiful community.

Upvote each other is also a big problem for the community. Even some big account holders also do so. They think how can we give my expensive votes, our voting will decrease. That's also a sensitive problem for the community.

Thanks for emerging this issue!

Plagiarism and spamming are deadly harmful to any site. It must be reduced. If possible we should all work to create a plagiarism free site. For this, down-voting can be arranged in the posts with plagiarism or spamming or those users should be warned to post authentically.

As I replied on your post on this, many like myself will power down and leave if the foundation were to reverse their decision on down voting. I left a lengthy comment on your post on this here.

Thankfully the foundation is against down vote, understanding that was a huge flaw at the mother and sister chain.

...everyone should vote for the content he finds good. But, as long as spam and plagiarism is voted, we will have the problem.

I agree with this. I even mentioned this in my post some time ago, as well as some comments on account posts that have the spirit of voicing not to support plagiarism.

But as you said, so far there is still a lot of content with low quality or even indication of plagiarism, but it gets a lot of votes from curators. This is certainly very contrary to the spirit to avoid spam and plagiarism on Blurt.

I think we should all have the same perception on this, if we really want to free Blurt from spam and plagiarism.

Reblurt :-)