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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

In regards to the topic on ground! COAL will be a great way of curbing copyright issues out from this platform!

Coal list will be good option for spamming. But I think there are still ongoing developments of coal list. So we may have to bear these fees for some time period. Anyway Increasing fees will be a temporary solution for spammers because they always find way to do their farming.

I think with this little update and the plan to implement on activating the COAL list, spam and plagiarism accounts have started to sweat. This is an early alarm for everyone here to stick to the principle of authenticity of the work being shared. Thanks to the entire Blurt team for doing a great job.

Discussed a very important issue which is the demand of the time to remove those who are working on the copyright issue from here.

I have no idea who the copyright holders are when it comes to blockchain work, but thank you for bringing this beautiful thing to the forefront.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Spam must be stopped, so do any action against it. I am with them. And I completely disagree with those who want to commit to it. But it should be stopped properly.

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Thank you for such a post, I hope to get more updated posts in the future.

Temporary doesn't sound like a time frame, why not say exactly how long this will be going on, because to me it seems twill be forever.
Blurt is gradually getting centralized and I'm scared already

Oh, the decision was not centralised, each Witness raises fees or not at his discretion. How long it takes depends on how things develop. We are also working on a better solution that will work permanently. But it may take some time, because we have to coordinate and there are different approaches. It is not an easy problem that we can solve in one day.

Thank you for your comment, I hope I could reassure you a little.

Spam can destroy everything, it should be stopped earlier.

Danke für das Update. Darf man fragen was eine COAL liste ist?

Hey Chrislybear, die Liste enthält Accounts die Spammen, Plagiate posten etc. Hier steht etwas mehr dazu:
Wir überlegen gerade verschiedene Lösungen, ob die Liste auf Dauer aktiv sein wird, kann man jetzt noch nicht sagen. Ich denke, es werden noch bessere Lösungen kommen.

Danke für die Erklärung!

COAL ist eine JSON-Datei wo User eingefügt werden können die Plagiate, Spam, Identitätsdiebstahl usw. begehen.

Ah vielen Dank!
Und diese Personen erhalten dann keine Upvotes oder wie genau soll das durchgesetzt werden?

Wenn COAL aktiv ist, dann ist der Upvote-Button unter den Beiträgen deaktiviert bzw. nicht sichtbar und es wird ein Warnzeichen neben dem Account angezeigt.

Das ist sehr hilfreich!

Spam should be stopped, so it should be taken any actions against it. I totally disagree with persons who want to commit it.
But one question I want to ask: Which fees witnesses have decided to increase?
Can you explain please!

The fees for transactions and uploaded content. A window appears before each transaction anyway, and the fee is displayed. We are still at the beginning, the fees will increase over time. But we are already paying attention so that they don't get too high.

Thanks for explaination!
After leaving the comment in your comments section, @tekraze posted and he has described
it. Hope it will be great move!

Thanks, but i may implement next week .

Good luck!

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