HHO or Brown gas, fuel or fool?

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An alternative fuel that is very misunderstood, that needs a critical look! HHO or Brown gas is a century old, but is getting a real look today. It was used for welding originally, but it burns clean and hot.

Here is a critical treatise on HHO:
This article references several tests on using Brown gas or HHO to run vehicles. The testing is crude, and the results are mixed in this article. But every one of them has approached the problem from a dead end direction! More on that in a minute....

Now, what do we Know:

  1. HHO burns in a gasoline engine.
  2. Fuel comes from water.
  3. Electrolysis will break down water molecules into two hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atoms.
  4. The resulting gas is highly flammable, and can Not be stored.
  5. Most HHO generators are used as a supplemental fuel source to increase the efficiency of the gasoline's combustion.
  6. Water is mixed with some other chemical, usually lye; to increase conductivity, and make more Brown gas.
  7. Most generators are run at 12 volts DC.
  8. A mole of water is 18 grams.
  9. A mole of water requires 2.41 Kilo Joules to convert to a the gas.
  10. The testing is too crude to base any decisions, on efficiency of these grnerators units.
  11. Most generators use an isolator where the gas bubbles through water to isolate any back draft fire in the system.
  12. A flash suppressor is a good idea, and most use a ball check valve.
  13. The most common alternators are 12 volt at 60 amps. This is a total of 720 watts, which is less than a single horsepower (746 watts). So it can't make enough power to make enough HHO to power a normal internal combustion engine in the 100 plus horsepower range!

Now, for what all these people have done wrong:
A) They look at this fuel as a supplemental fuel, and not a primary fuel.
B) Their HHO generators are run by DC only.
C) The HHO Generator needs to run at a significantly higher voltage, due to poor conductivity of water. At a higher voltage, there is a lower need for the chemicals listed in 6) above.
D) The bubbler isolator listed in 11) above, should be pure water which will remove the chemical additive prior to injection to the engine. This will increase the lifespan of the engine itself.
E) The only source listed for powering this generator, is always the vehicle's alternator.

Taking this into consideration, I make the following suggestion for alternate powering of a standard internal combustion engined vehicle!

First, we will run it off of HHO entirely. The generator will be powered from batteries charged by sources other than the vehicle's alternator. The system I intend to use myself is solar charging of a large on board battery, separate from the vehicle's electrical system. The HHO generator will be powered by this isolated battery.

Next, we need to make a HHO cell with the largest surface area possible, to allow a larger output volume; for primary vehicle fuel use.

Thirdly, this larger cell should be driven by an AC signal, to allow the electrodes to last longer by avoiding electrolytic plate damage. This damage is caused by driving the cell with DC power, which breaks down the anode chemically. AC reverses this breakdown process, by restoring the damaged electrode when it becomes the cathode during the opposite half of the cycle!

Finally, the HHO generator can be easily powered by 20 times (or more) of the power normally available in other HHO systems! So I can make enough Brown gas to run a normal internal combustion engine, by using solar power alone! I hope to run at 75 volts AC, while using about a tenth of the lye in a 'normal' HHO generator. This will drive more electricity into the water, instead of the lye. The increase in efficiency should be on an order of magnetude, above a conventional generator.

Now That's using alternate energy properly for auto fuel. Here's a simple way to use battery power for this auto fuel:
I plan to use 24 volts and charge with solar power! These are deep cycle marine batteries, that I bought for this use.

I still need to finish the efficiency cell testing, including frequency range sweep for optimization of the Brown gas output. I will use a commercial cleaning pad made of stainless steel (already tested) and off the shelf parts (stainless steel washers) to assemble the HHO cell I plan to use, inside a PCV pipe. It should keep my cost under $200 excluding the batteries for this system.

I plan to power my 88 Dakota to run on water, by simply cutting power to my fuel pump, and dumping the HHO into the throttle body injector already there. I can use the throttle position sensor to adjust my Brown gas output from the position of the accelerator pedal.

Happy prepping!

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Age is a state of mind, and I ignore it entirely!

But thanks for stopping by, and reading my post.


This interesting publication led me to read your introduction here in Blurt, and I found the valuable topics you have shared. I really like the issues that deal with alternative energy systems and natural medicine.
As I had not welcomed you, I take this opportunity to do it now.
Receive the best of the welcome to this great family in Blurt, I hope you have felt well and knowing great people.
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Glad to have you come by! I'm preparing a homestead for us to relocate to. I have been slowed by my own requirement that everything has to be paid for first! I'm an engineer, and I own a machine shop; so I can design and build whatever I need.

The homestead will be powered by solar and wind, with HHO and magnetic fuel as backup sources. I have 90% of the solar system already, and about 60% of the wind system. I'm rebuilding it as a net zero house, including a full AC/heat pump unit.

Once I can protect the pharmacology garden, we will plant all the herbals we need for medicine. I find herbs better medicine than prescription medicine!


I share with you that same belief about plants and growing them at home is the best. Since I have been writing on these platforms, I have always liked to share ideas about natural medicine, because I have learned it from my dad, and I also like to practice alternative therapies instead of medicine from a laboratory.
You have a beautiful life project, quite ambitious, but with a great future, because you respect your space, nature, the planet that deserves it so much.
One of the activities that I have proposed in Blurt is to create spaces, where projects are shared, in relation to the care of natural resources. I have called it "Hope Project", I see with joy that you have your hope project and I congratulate you for it.
A hug of beautiful energy.
Good vibes.😘

Working to beat the liberals in DC, by preparing to not just subscribe, but to thrive...in spite of them!

I recommend a book called "the green pharmacy"; out of print, but easy to find on eBay. I have never found an error on this book!

Also, there is a website I use: www.our4corners.net, that sells bulk herbs! Very fresh, and good prices; I have no affiliations with this site.


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My internet is limping, I'm interested in watching this, but I'll have to try when it's functioning again.

I know it works, but I'm trying to increase the efficiency where it will be viable for primary automotive fuel. Resonating it with AC should increase the output by 300% or more! Raising the voltage should increase the efficiency still further.

Amazing that fuel can come from water, but it pretty available!
This lake is about a mile downhill from the homestead, LOL!


The resulting gas is highly flammable, and can Not be stored.

You're wrong.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


The most flammable gas known, combined with the best oxidizer available. That, by definition is explosive in large quantities. This is not pure hydrogen in A high pressure cylinder, which is what hydrogen burning cars use.

I think a hydrogen burning car is smart, and no more dangerous than a gasoline based car. The biggest problem I see is availability of bulk hydrogen filling stations. The biggest advantage is you can 'make' the hydrogen on site, from water; but the oxygen is outgassed as a waste product...for Safety!

But if you mix the two, you have a bomb in volume! That is why it needs to be made, and used in small quantities; and never stored!

The talk about HHO at the beginning, but move to pure hydrogen almost right away. Much safer, and storable.

A diy man in calif tried to fill a pressure tank with HHO. He grounded everything, and blew his building up; there was nothing left but the slab!


Bob Lazar seems to have solved that. Did you watch the video? Hydride..

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

He is storing hydrogen, not HHO. His system look great for using pure hydrogen for fuel, because it is much safer than bottled.

HHO is a different compound, since it has its own oxydizer; it will burn by itself, in fact it will burn underwater. Because it is more explosive, it make a better fuel than hydrogen by itself.

I don't know if these cannisters can be used to strip the hydrogen from the HHO into the hydride, but that might work if the oxygen is disposed of once separated.

They just can't be stored unless separated, together they are a bairly controlled monster...and one hell of a fuel!


Wow. I am blown away. This is what happens when an Engineer becomes a prepper. Way cool my friend. Way cool!

Just want to keep driving for prepping use. Having an operational truck is just another survival tool I want to have!

I'd like to see if adding magnets would aid in the separation of the gas. I can't find any references on this, but it should concentrate the electric field inside the generator, especially with an As C signal source. Fun to try new things!


I made a HHO producer year's ago as a test and it ran my lawn mower. I will be very interested to see how you go with this set up. If I remember correctly some people are trying sound waves to break the water into HHO.

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

I have cavitated water with ultrasound into cold steam, but it was still water. I hope they can make it work!

A lawnmower is a good beginning, I've seen several small engines running on HHO. I see no reason a bigger engine won't run on a bigger generator.


Keep us updated please on this as I'm very interested 👍

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

I'll post as I build, that way maybe you can 'play' too; glad you are enjoying!