Participating In Eid Special Contest By Kamranrkploy

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Hello Everyone!

I like organising contests and taking part in them also. I'm going to participate in an unique and very special contest. This is by one of top 10 witnesses @kamranrkploy. Let's come to know more about it!


According to the contest rules, I have to gift one of my friends liquid blurts or blurt power delegation. I'm gifting 150 blurts to one of my friends @mdalam who joined our beautiful platform recently and doing well. It is just a little bit encouragement from me to motivate him.


Why I Gifted Mdalam?

Because he is new. He is posting after two years of creating his account. And he is doing well, he is trying to create own things, he isn't plagiarising and also trying to communicate and interact with blurt members nicely. That's why, I selected him to gift some blurts.


The contest is going on, you can still take part in this contest. I haven't observed such unique contest in our community. So, don't miss it!

Thank you so much for giving your time to my blog! Good vibes and regards!


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Wow, this gift means a lot to me. I never expected it. Thank you for choosing me to gift. It is boosting for me. I am very busy and that's why I aren't posting.

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