My First attempt in preparing Oha Soup (Nigerian delicacy)

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I must begin this write up with the motivation I got for hitting the Kitchen today to prepare Oha Soup. Yesterday I went out for lunch with @oluomamjay. Our intention was to try the popular afang soup but unfortunately the soup was finished, we then ordered for Oha Soup and did I love it? You damn sure I did. @oluomamjay proposed a contest between herself and me, to prepare Oha Soup, capture the process and make a post about it and from the comment section we will know who won the challenge. That been said, I hope she doesn't take this cooking contest too serious so that I will for the first time win a cooking contest 😁

Oha Soup is a special delicacy in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is one of those native Igbo soups that you always wish for more after a taste. I have lived among the Igbo people for about 10 years now, so you can understand why I love their native soup.



• Beef, Stock fish and Smoked fish
• Palm oil,Onions and crayfish
• Seasonings (Maggi and pepper 🌶️)


• Cocoyam ( to make the soup tick)
• Oha leaves
• Uziza leaves
• Salt
• Water/Stock etc.
• Cocoyam or Achi ( Soup Thickeners)
• Oha leaves (cut using a knife or shredding with your fingers)
• Uziza leaves (chopped)
• Seasonings
• Salt
• Water/Stock

Mode of Preparation: This may not be the perfect way of preparing it but like I said, I am a novice in Oha preparation;

  1. The first thing I did was to put the meat and stock fish into the pot, I added seasoning and onions, and allowed it simmer for 5 minutes, then I added little water, covered the pot and and allowed it for some time.

  2. I added cocoyam while boiling the meat so it would save time. After a few minutes I removed the cocoyam and pounded in a mortar.

  3. I then introduced palm oil and tenderly allowed the soup to boil for about ten minutes.

  4. I further added grounded crayfish, grounded pepper, salt and waited for another period of seven minutes.

  5. It was now time to add the pounded cocoyam after which I waited just for a brief interval.

  6. I then added Oziza first (Oziza leaves are stronger than Oha leaves), then I added the Oha leaves.

  7. At this point I was done with the cooking process, I only had to wait for a few minutes before turning off the cooker.

Delicious Oha soup is ready. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you my handwork 👇


Oha soup served with my preferred swallow which is Pounded yam.

For the Igbo people reading this, sorry if I didn't get the process correct or didn't prepared it as you would. I only hope I'll get better at preparing it soon. For now, let me engage in consuming the work of my hand 😁🍝.
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Nice..yummy..salivating here

Not to worry, I've got enough for everyone

Hahaha 😂!
You did well!
At least you cooked!!

But little correction honey, you don't have to put the cocoayam inside the meat to boil, I laughed so hard at this!... The best thing to do is make space in the second sitter of the gas cooker wash the cocoa yam and boil it separately, do this while the meat and stock is still boiling or take it one at a time!

When the meat and stock are boiling that's when you add the pounded cocoayam and allow it simmer then add palm oil!
Uziza leaves are there to make it spicy and it omits nice aroma with addition of ogiri!

At least you made a nice meal with assorted meats n co.

Thanks for the corrections, I am pretty sure you are a good cook

You're welcome!
I appreciate the compliment.

Na wa o
See enjoyment overloaded
That soup looks delicious, I've heard so much about it already... Na to taste am remain 😒

Send some to you blurt family nau 🙄

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You really need to taste it dear, trust me u will love it. I even have your share reserved

Wow that's so kind of you 😒
Food wey person nor go see chop so 😏

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I'll prepare another one for you😂🤣

Better 😂

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Sheey you wan try me nii

I am definitely waiting on your recipe

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Looks really good. Haven't tasted it before though ☺️

It is indeed very delicious... You will really enjoy the taste of it.