FreeVoter's Daily Curation Overview #74

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FreeVoter is a curation program which aim to find quality content in Blurt Blockchain and give support to quality content creators.Our curators finding each and every quality content published in Blurt Blockchain everyday and giving support by @freevoter account.

Today's Top 5 Content :


KFC ... an easy way to make at home and a lot of testy..... by @mamun123456


Betterlife |The diary game | 6 Feb 2021 ||49 th entry by @erode


消防教育 by @aafeng


A bright future of tokenized community by @funtraveller


Cuento de terror // El Cráneo de cristal // Parte #1 by @coolxxx

You can support @freevoter by Delegating your BP.You can delegate any amount of BP to @freevoter .We are sharing 90% of Curation reward earned by @freevoter to our delegators according to their delegated BP.

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