No Reward But Why ? || Announcement from Freevoter

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Hellow Our Delegators

Blurt blockchain facing some problems and there are no reward pool at this moment in Blurt blockchain.At present we are not getting any curation reward because of Zero reward in the pool.That's why we are not able to sent payout to our delegators.

Blurt dev team working hard to make Blurt Blockchain functional again and hopefully we will get reward in few days.So till than keep calm and stay with @freevoter

Love ❤️ from @freevoter

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Four month later and no payout for two month. I'm kind of surprised that working at all.

No reward pool is not true. Quite the opposite in fact! The reward pool is filling up very strongly, which will massively increase the upcoming payouts.
There are only problems with the current payouts after the Hard Fork 4 last week.
Suspect that the payouts of the posts that were created after the HF will go again. But we will see tomorrow / the day after tomorrow.