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From “Spacewar” to “Islands of Kesmai”, no one was able to anticipate that they were going to change the perception of the world in the mind of the people: the year was 1962 when the first computer game was developed on a computer that was the size of a car. The name of the game was “Spacewar”, which took place in an environment that could hardly be described as the space known by the people. Furthermore, the same thing happened for the game “Islands of Kesmai”, which was the first multiplayer game introduced in 1984.

Since the introduction of these games, the game technology and industry have reached a point that could be predicted by nobody. Today, we have countless universes that are unique for each game, and the volume of the game industry is worth more than 13 0 billion dollars.

The perception of the world in people’s minds has been altered significantly, most of the people have become the characters of the worlds, universes, that are unique for the digital world created by developers. The people have been able to become more than a player of these worlds, they have started to contribute with the actions or the decisions they have made.

Now, it is time to carry the flag to a revolutionized world that is built on web 3.0, the metaverse, which is a virtual reality world where users can interact, game, and experience things as they would in the real world. The notion of Metaverse reveals another concept that will be another key step to define the world of the future, Megaverse, which brings the metaverses together by opening doors to wander between these metaverses where you can operate and make an income while spending time in them.

At this point, you need a handle to open the door bringing the opportunities of the future world to you. Gamestate, is a multi-world, cross-chain megaverse nexus that brings together gamers, fans, developers, creators, and merchants in an immersive experience of pleasure, discovery, and learning. Games, applications, advertising, and gaming sales channels as well as equipment, music, media, and miscellaneous merchandise is part of the Rocket Launchpad accelerator program for independent gaming startups.

Follow Gamestate in order not the miss the opportunities of the future world, follow Gamestate in order not to find the doors of the Megaverse locked, follow us to become an earning citizen of the new definition of the universe.

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