Gamestate IDO | Coming soon to Gravity Finance Launchpad

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We are very pleased to announce that Gamestate will be launching the $STATE token IDO from the Gravity Finance Launchpad. Full details of the IDO will follow in due course, but we wanted to share this info with our users now to give everyone plenty of time to familiarise themselves with the Gravity Finance platform.

Official Gravity Finance announcement:

The Hive-Engine/ Polygon bridge for the STATE token has been temporarily disabled for withdrawals only. This is required so that the existing token supply on Hive-Engine does not influence the price discovery mechanism of the Copper Launch Liquidity Boot Strapping Pool (LBP) which will be held after the Gravity Finance IDO.

About Gravity Finance

Gravity Finance is a DeFi platform, consisting of a Decentralised Exchange, Yield Farms, Auto-Compounding Vaults, an IDO Launchpad and Automated Investment Strategies called Silos.

Gravity Finance believes Silos will revolutionise how users interact with their favourite DeFi protocols. Gravity Admin Fees are paid to Governance Token Holders as ETH and BTC.


About Gamestate

Gamestate is a cross-chain, multi-world “megaverse nexus”, uniting gamers, fans, developers, creators, and merchants in a place of fun, discovery, and learning.

An open world platform, offering sales channels for games, apps, advertising, gaming equipment, music, media, and general merchandise, as well as a Rocket Launchpad accelerator for indie game startups.

Below you can find useful links to the Gamestate website, social media, news & info as well as a good explainer video of what will be on offer from the Gamestate team in the “Megaverse”.

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Well done Gamestate team! You're bringing so many good news for us!

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How much good news you will give us Gamestate! Yes, it's another great and pleasing news. And thanks for explaining Gravity Finance nicely!

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