Gamestate Partners with Rooster Wars

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Gamestate is proud to announce a brand new partnership with the popular Web 3.0 gaming platform Rooster Wars!

Rooster Wars is a blockchain gaming franchise with a long-term vision to produce multiple games under a single brand; featuring a state-of-the-art low code/no code game engine editor that allows for game creation, a sandbox type, walled garden, and a gaming metaverse.

Gamestate will facilitate discovery by integrating Rooster Wars' popular game titles as virtual arcade machines into its innovative open-world platform, opening up additional sales channels for Rooster Wars games, apps, NFTs, gaming equipment, music, media, and general merchandise.

The Gamestate Rocket Launchpad accelerator will be available to launch future projects with Rooster Wars and other popular indie game startups.

This new partnership will strengthen and widen audience reach in terms of marketing, generating a much broader user base with a shared vision. This partnership will also bring cost-effective strategies such as pooling resources and opening up new opportunities to reward mutual investors with perks and/or giveaways.

Co-marketing campaigns and cross-promotion activities will be actively implemented.

Gamestate fans can look forward to our upcoming launch of a co-branded Rooster Wars avatar collection to be fully functional in the Gamestate metaverse.

The two projects will also co-partner in Rooster Wars tournament events.

Gamestate is excited to be working with Rooster Wars to expand its platform and bring about a new golden age of web 3.0 gaming!

Don’t forget to follow the socials and stay tuned for future developments.

Rooster Wars

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Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Website

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