Gamestate Partners with Zeniverse to Expand the Megaverse

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Gamestate is pleased to announce a partnership with, a play-to-earn gaming hub built on the Polygon blockchain.

With Gamestate and Zeniverse both on Polygon, it allows for integrated cross-platform synergies and promotions.

Zeniverse will partner with Gamestate by providing:

  • Cross-server AMA's.
  • Whitelist access for the Zenimint pass NFT.
  • In-metaverse 3D objects related to Zeniverse for use in Gamestate
  • Cross-promotional social media posts and articles.

Gamestate will partner with Zeniverse by providing:

  • Zeniverse users access to Gamestate through the Access Pass framework
  • Cross-server AMA's
  • Whitelist access for the Quantum Accelerator NFT.
  • In-metaverse 3D objects related to Gamestate for use in Zeniverse
  • Cross-promotional social media posts and articles.

This partnership will be a meaningful expansion of both platforms where the combination of the communities will be the foundation for the Megaverse nation.

In addition, Gamestate looks forward to additional collaborations and cross platform events with Zeniverse.

Authored by @neonocean

About Zeniverse

Zeniverse is a Play-to-Earn NFT gaming hub with supportive and synergistic DeFi products being built on Polygon. Zenis are mystical, intelligent and altruistic creatures that inhabit the enchanting planet Zenia within the Zeniverse. Zenis store their assets in Gnosis multi-signature treasury. An evil is looming and the Zenis need your help in the fight against this approaching evil: the Nez.

All Zenis, Zenia Lands, Zeni Items and Zeni Artworks are blockchain NFT tokens with on-chain attributes. Adopt an adorable Zeni and join the Zeniverse in an interactive and immersive adventure!


About Gamestate

Gamestate is a megaverse nexus, uniting gamers, fans, developers, creators, and merchants in a place of fun, discovery, and learning. Gamestate offers sales channels for games, apps, advertising, gaming equipment, music, media, and general merchandise as well as a Rocket Launchpad accelerator for indie game startups.

U-State unified profiles solve the problem of fragmented gaming accounts and achievements; allowing gamers to create and import their existing game profiles and leaderboard ranks, collated into a single portable, immutable, privacy-centric, achievements-based blockchain digital identity profile for ultimate flexing and bragging rights!


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