Pillars of Truth and GAMESTATE

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For decades, you have waited for the releases of the games to discover new worlds that have been created digitally, which unleashes the opportunities for you to become “one” in these worlds by creating while playing. Few people have been able to earn from those creations but today with the introduction of Metaverse and Megaverse, you will be able to stop being a passive participant.

The Gamestate is a tool to be able to step into the Megaverse and become an active participant of this world so as to discover, create, play and earn.

You will welcome a limitless open-world Megaverse experience with Gamestate. You will find yourself in the driver's seat of your own path of knowledge as a Stateholder, rather than being a passive participant. You should no longer feel forced to wait on the sidelines if you discover something is lacking or a niche that is not being filled. You can actually construct it with Gamestate's digital creative suite!

Selling content, staking, liquidity provision, trading, royalties, prizes, and owning and leasing real-estate and advertising assets for retail and partner advertising will all be available to Gamestate users.

Metaverse developers will be able to use the Gamestate SDK for free to connect new metaverse worlds to the central nexus and to integrate games with the U-State accomplishments tracking platform. Gamestate will achieve a real integration of NFT digital ownership with entire 3D, 2D, VR, and AR experiences that will stun and astonish gamers and fans alike, thanks to a revolutionary use of the Unity engine!

STATE will be the megaverse's native base money, held and used by Stateholders. It is high time to become the member of the megaverse. It is high time to become the member of this new State, Gamestate.

• Website: https://gamestate.one (https://gamestate.one/)
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gamestate_one
• Discord: https://discord.com/invite/P5VMm5kQb2
• Telegram Main: https://t.me/GamestateANN
• Github: https://github.com/gamestate-one

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This is a step forward in the right direction.
Congratulations to us all.

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