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A new era welcomes you with limitless opportunities that let you become active participants of the game world where your creations or productions will allow you to earn.

Becoming a member of GAMESTATE lets you enter a new world that connects Metaverses as a Megaverse.

Grasp the handle of the door opening to the future world enabling you to discover, create, play, and earn.

GAMESTATE MVP presents a number of opportunities to become an active member of the new era. If we are to collect these opportunities you have on GAMESTATE MVP under some titles, here they are;

• Avatar Selection Carousel

• Transporter & Equipment Hangar

• Point-to-Point Driving Experiences

• Red-Carpet Arrivals

• Conference Venues

• Themed Meeting Rooms

• Marcadia (Arcade Marketplace)

• Retail Stores and Street Markets

• Exhibition Centers

• Great Hall of Achievements

Game creators and publishers will be able to engage with new and existing players through the GAMESTATE virtual realm, which will serve as a marketing and distribution platform.

Staking, raffles, advertising, sponsorships, tournament prizes, item sales, NFT creation and farming, speculative trading, and eternal creator royalties are just some of the revenue-generating options available to its citizens.

Gamers, influencers, and game developers can increase their revenues by leveraging the GAMESTATE audience to jumpstart their careers and/or latest gaming apps on the fast track to mass acceptance.

The Megaverse is in your hands with GAMESTATE. It means more than an app. It is a single identity.

It means a ticket to the multiverse to earn experience points, discover new realms of possibility, and earn money through in-game partner tasks by customizing your avatar and exploring virtual worlds with one consistent U-State identity.

Wearables, tattoos, traits, augmentations, and accessories, as well as free, restricted partner-sponsored and market-purchased things, can be added to avatars. It will be a fun and creative process that will provide users access to a variety of community artist collections via the GAMESTATE internal avatar user interface.

It is high time to get your passport to the Megaverse.

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