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Every great leader has a plan B.

Most of the time, we try our best to put a plan A together before we even try to solve a problem. However, sometimes we don’t have a plan B, so we take a moment, and try to solve the problem in a different way.

We try to think outside of the box. We might create a plan B to our first plan A.

If the first plan B doesn’t work, we’ll still have a second plan B, and a third, and a fourth plan B. And then we try again.

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Games are a great way to solve problems. They require players to think differently, and they force them to discover alternative solutions to problems.

Games are also a great way to brainstorm solutions. We don’t have to bring people into the building, we can use games to create ideas in the process of having fun.

These ideas can come from anywhere. There’s a good chance that one of your players could come up with a great solution to a problem that you’ve been having at work.

gamestate community.

Gamestate community has great games for players, where the community through conversations, in forums on our social media channels can communicate and in a gamification of other activities.

Gamestate has connected with different community of game developers and relationships that can really survive on the Internet has been created to serve you with lots of games.

Gamestste has created this kind of community because there are things within the game that encourage players to build lasting relationships with one another.


A good example is that for every death in a first person shooter game, a player’s character loses health.

When a player dies, that player has to take a short time out to recover. Most players take this time to bandage up their character, or check to see if they’re injured. This means that these players are actually participating in the healing process.

When they do this, they are building community with each other. They’re connecting with their community, and demonstrating that they care about their community.

Even though they are disconnected, these players are still in the game with the game, and they are still connected.

Use the games on gamestate to find solutions.

There is a reason why we are drawn to games, and why we find solutions in games.

We can use games to help us find solutions in our work.

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