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Are you a gamer, straight?

Do you play games with our children?

What is it about video games that captures your child's attention so quickly?

Are you passionate about something that captures your children's attention so quickly?

So I'm sitting there, wondering how I'm going to get through another day, wishing another or more interesting games to play, pondering the fact that you are playing the same game all the time because no access to new games?



Gamer lovers, here's a chance to enhance your craft!

Gamestate has built a platform for you, you could play different games, purchase, recommend, monitize your craft, music, artwork etc.
The meterverse is filled with lots of love, fun, earning, creativity and lots more.
All you just have to do is to get connected with the right games, real estate businesses, artwork etc. By visiting the sites below

Gamestate Megaverse Websites

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This looks interesting I'll need to read a bit more into it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Hi @gamestateconnect, I noticed that you haven't used any of your possible witness votes. You have 30 votes left for selection at your leisure.

I'd love to have your witness vote. Each vote counts and doesn't cost you a thing! Have a wonderful day

Thank you for bringing this to our notice

My pleasure and thank you for your vote. Have fun on Blurt :)

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Scam comment removed

Scam please keep off