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game is important to us all; games helps us to calculate , to explore and to compete with each other. They’re fun, but also serious, and getting better at them can boost our mental, physical and even social skills.

It’s easy to take something that seems to be fun and turn it into something that is way more serious than fun. As games are a tool that we can play, and we can play them in a variety of ways, they can become a bit more serious, a bit more serious than we’re comfortable with.


As a leader and a manager, I’ve seen that the one thing that often leads a game to take on a negative tone, a pitiful one, is the players’ natural tendency to be more competitive.

It’s in their nature.

When the person sitting next to you who sits down at the start of the game sees that he or she has the advantage over you in terms of the items at hand, he or she will naturally try to win, no matter how friendly they try to be.


That competitive instinct, well, it’s hard to turn off. And unless you’re the best at the game (or maybe the biggest jerk), it’s hard for you to take your lead in the game and command your team to win.

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Unfortunately, those feelings don’t leave us. But how can we get away from them, and turn this competitive beast into a good leader or manager?

The steps and all you need are found on gamestate.

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