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Hope this meeting have succeeded. Gamestate metaverse will be a good project for entire blurt. Very wise decision.

Metaverse will give blurt a new horizon. It is seen that blurt team is going ahead with a strong, sustainable and good plan. Success must run after blurt.

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This is a great information.Keep it up @megadrive.

I'm happy about the team's decision not to show all the cards in play as the competition in the NFT ecosystems is very strong, but I'm looking forward to trying out the finished product. Using the Polygon network is a great idea that will facilitate the movements of the tokens, their conservation and movement with ease and economy. We eagerly await the start and prepare to enter and develop our potential within this virtual world. Greetings. @megadrive

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Looking forward to having you join us in the metaverse!

This is exciting. I’m looking forward and can’t wait to try this game. 🤩😊

Wow a game on blurt?! 😳 And I just finished reading a post from @judexex talking about games and how it would improve learning... This is really cool.

When do we get to play these games? Has there been a launching date yet? 🤭 I can't wait.

By the way, those are really cool graphics for a start 😍

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Hello @megadrive
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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very good, hopefully this will increase our income and we will be more comfortable in this blurt community

Verry good game state, i will play everoday

I will look out for you there :)

This is not good sir, you are just showing teaser and teaser, when will we get to see the full picture
But it's good to see that Blurt is not going to give up.
PROUD to be a part of Blurt Community

BTW ( where are the Big whales )?

Hi, brace yourself there is another teaser coming soon!

The plan is we first need to iron out some bugs and performance issues then we will make beta testing available to those who purchase our Quantum Accelerator NFT, afterwards we will open up to public in May.

Regarding the whales, I don't believe whales are good for an ecosystem, best to have lots of middle-class, that makes for a healthy platform. Look at bitcoin it fluctuates at the whim of the whales and whale controlled markets.

An amazing project, made up with great team... I really love those avatars it really awesome

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I can't wait to join and try it, it looks like it's very exciting and very insightful.

this is very interesting, this is the original form of technological development

very cool and very awesome

very cool, want to join here with my hero hehe

Come on join, I really want to join hehe

This looks very high tech. I still don't understand how it will connect to games and such, but I'm tech handicapped so there's that. Not much of a game either, although my son did get me to play WOW many years ago for a little while with him before he moved out.

Are there any videos yet to get a feel for motion and such?

Sure so there are many ways, the stadium and stage will be used to introduce startup and existing games, host AMA's, game launches etc. We will also have a DeFi launchpad and assist games to launch their tokens.

The metaverse itself will have an arcade area with a machine representing each partner game, we can also build an entire world for a particular game, example planet Splinterlands that has everything themed to Splinterlands and has themed mini-games, info and learning resources, guild houses, tournament venues.

Also game assets and tokens can be obtained in our marketplace, so there will be many ways to integrate partner games, great question!

Excellent team. Many successes in this great project.

Looks fantastic and your avatar's 🥽 looks awesome.

good to see its going to be real

Oh man this looks super duper cool to me , i am really waiting to see more of it. I just came to know that you are the co founder for this project as well.

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Hi tech 😎🥓

Wow, awesome looking avatars. Hope this meeting will bring something exciting.

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Slow and steady the ship is about to sail, what I so much anticipate for Gamestate my New world, Great Team we hope for the best.

Best wishes to you dear sir....
A lot of happy news is waiting for all of us🥰
I feel very excited 😍

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Best of luck to all, hopefully something good will happen