Heat and heart slowing progress in my garden

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4 days since my last update and I only managed to expand my garden twice! A back injury is slowing me down, and I just got diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, so I really shouldn't push too hard. Before I hurt my back, I expanded the lower section of the unfinished garden:


Then I expanded the upper section:


The goal is to meet in the middle, finishing the second large rectangular garden, but that now depends how quickly I can heal.

Today was over 30C so I covered the lettuce seedlings for a few of the hottest hours:


After watering this evening:


You may notice the lilacs blooming in the top left, a sure sign of summer weather. It has been hot for 2 days, and it will be hot for 2 more. A heat wave advisory was sent out, and now the news is saying forest fires are raging here in Northern BC, and a fire ban is going into effect.

The green peas are up. I don't think they like heat. I've been keeping them damp.


I put down another round of potatoes, this time "peregrine red":


A closeup of the lettuce:


And the spinach:


So there are signs of life in the garden. Summer seems to be coming early, which would have its own complications, so hopefully the weather cools off for a while. I hope my back heals quickly so I can resume all my gardening activities, which I find to be good for my heart.



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Have you planted any Russian Comfrey, or can you get it locally? It will help your back heal. I've had 3 back surgeries, and without comfrey and tumeric; I'd be neck deep in pain medicine and muscle relaxant.

Impressive progress on the garden, I know how hard that is when you hurt deep! Still wish I was closer where I could help you....

Don't mess with the AFib, treat it seriously, but keep pushing...just be careful to rest too.

Thanks friend.
I will ask around about Russian Comfrey at the local farmers market on Saturday. Would be good to have some handy.

Russian comfrey doesn't spread by seeds, so it won't overrun your garden space. In England, they use comfrey only for fertilizer tea and were unaware of it's herbal use!

It would really help your back, by speeding healing; this reducing pain. I also use the leaves for hot tea to help my GI tract!

My dear @drutter, I am very sorry to read that your back is not perfect; I didn't publish for a while, but because of work commitments and sudden changes in these commitments. I try to adapt as quickly as I can, but this time it has taken me a bit more to order and organize my time.

My wish is that you heal soon and meet all your goals, both in your garden and here at Blurt.

Thank you friend, I believe it is healing now. I have made some slow progress with light work in the garden. As long as I don't re-injure myself, this will be good rehabilitation.
All the best to you in this new week!

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Looking good been getting on mine today as bought some stuff home from my family !

Looking great but garden work is always back breaking you go easy and look after that back we only have one.

It's all coming together! For me, I've always had an issue growing spinach here in Florida, but I've got to keep trying.

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Yay that's great! Lettuce and Spinach looks very blooming. More of them is waving anytime soon. Yeah that's one of the crucial part of planting, the hot weather. In my father's garden before, not only the direct sunlight during summer, but also our native freed chicken, they love to search for food like crickets in a cultivated soil.

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Great to see the garden progressing 👍

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Dude!!! There they come!!!! 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

Wow your lettuce and spinach are looking very healthy. This is your reward of doing harwork.
Even though you're slowing down, you can still hit the finish line. Just do what you can! 👍