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A major Spring storm roared out of the mountains of Northern BC today, dumping rain and hail on my garden full of seedlings! But we survived, and I managed to rip up another section of turf. Only one more day of digging to go!


Nice wet soil! The hose will not be needed today.

Rows of green things are now visible. I'm hoping the whole thing is full of healthy seedlings by the end of June.


We had a salad from that bright green lettuce the other day, and soon it will be ready to be cut back again. It will produce as long as the weather stays cool - I'm hoping that's all June.

You can see peas at the back of the closest garden. They're getting tall. I'm going to have to figure out some supports for them to climb up.


That was around noon today. It just came out of nowhere. I got soaked tossing those pieces of cardboard over the seedlings and lettuce.


Hail on May 30th... why not? We had a heat wave a couple weeks ago, and now we get hail. I'm just lucky I was there to minimize the damage, and most plants will recover. Other growers may not have been as lucky.

One day left!

There's one day left in May, and one day of heavy digging left to do. My goal of having the garden created and planted full of seeds before June is becoming a reality!

I have to thank you, the ones reading this, because you've helped keep me motivated! Posting my progress regularly has encouraged me to keep at it. I might not have got it done so quickly without having you along. Thanks for your support!

I'm going to continue posting updates of my garden and various crops. Let's see if I can produce a significant amount of food!



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Great work. We are planting corn and harvesting Malabar berries now.

I am glad posting helped you achieve your goal with this garden. I am also glad you ran out and covered the plants that could have been destroyed by the hail. I had that happen to a garden once. I was at work when the hailstorm happened. It was while I lived in South Carolina. Pulverized my garden.

I think the motivation comes from you to us, well, your writing, at least for me, motivates me to return to read how your project is progressing. I can't imagine what you'll write when you start reaping the fruit of all the work you've had to do all this time.

In fact, reading your content motivates me to carry out this work when the conditions are perfectly right on this side of the hemisphere.

Very close to the goal! I am excited to know the progress on the 31st!

I love your determination and attention to detail. You have keep going and hitting your daily target for your garden. I like that very much

Nice cardboard tents! A Hail Mary in a May hail storm.

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