The Greed of Power !

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People in this world are greedy , greedy for many things and of the dangerous greed amount the greeds is the greed of power.

If someone has greed of power he / she starts to do things that are not right in order to protect his/her power. Mark it , you don't have to be a ruler or a gangster to possess this greed.

Greed of power can be in anyone , from a normal to a extraordinary person. So when that person see's the power getting out of his/her hand they start doing things that are not right.



For example currently in India we see member of legislative assembly resigning from different states and that is because her are being paid in millions for doing so.

The two parties here possess greed of power and money. The one who wants more power is doing anything they can do to rule over the entire India in the name of democracy.

Now let us take a example of a small house. A person who is the eldest in the house has the power to make decisions but one day a small age person of the family stands against this man / women and starts taking decisions on his own.

The elder person sees his/ her power getting out his hand and hence decides to threat others living in the family that he/ she will commit suicide if his words are not followed.



Even this is something greed of power can force you to practice. So greed of power can be anywhere and in anyone.

Stay away from it to live a happy life that's all i want to say.

Thank you

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