Have a Good Weekend

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I am happy to see Friday again, but this Friday isn't so sweet as I don't have sweet plans for the weekend. This weekend there is a scheduled DR switch drill for one of our clients, hence my free weekend mind is already gone. This is my very first failover drill, so I am really nervous about this.

Anyway, this week was an extremely busy week, with work one after another. From Monday morning to this moment I had to work on different kinds of tasks. Usually, we have a great work-life balance in our company. But there are some weeks we have lots of work at the same time.

I usually spend 70% of my work time on calls on such busy days. Sometimes spending on calls makes me stressed because it breaks my concentration. Sometimes, after each call, I get some other new task to fix, so finally, I am getting stacked with promises. In such situations, I am listing and reordering tasks in my book.

In the middle of the week, I got another good news which made me super thrilled. I didn't really expect it but yeah finally I got something more.

After all, I am very tired and I really feel my brain is so actively working right now. For the last few weeks continuously I could meet my boyfriend every weekend. But this week we couldn't make any reason for this :) So we agreed to stay home and relax. But still, I can't relax with this responsibility in my head.

But to you, Have a Good Weekend


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Hi Randula , sorry i have to remove my delegation , which worse nothing today anyway . Hope you understand .

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thank you for the support you gave so far. :)

I had a very busy week too. I was running here and there. I am glad it's weekend. Have a great one❤

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