Healthy living 10th August

in health •  2 months ago 

It's been quite cold the last few days and I am wrapped in blankets. I need to get up and go to work. I have a long day today and I hope my work gets done by end of the day.

I slept early and I woke up early as I had to prepare and make calls to my works and get all the equipment ready.

My parents are not doing well. It is because of constant rain and the weather turned too cold for us. We live in a city that has been historically hot and once in a while it gets too cold and we start to suffer.

I remember a few years ago when the weather was like 4-5 degree Celsius and all the clothe stores in the city were out of warm clothing. Most businesses were not prepared for such a cold season.


This month my target is to sleep by 12 AM and not stay up too long and I am somewhat successful so far. Let's see how it goes and I'll keep writing this diary to keep me motivated.

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