Judgment - Part 21 (Saori the Seductress), from the "Straw Plays,"

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Judgment - Part 21 (Saori the Seductress), from the "Straw Plays,"

Things got extremely strange today man, This was undoubtedly the strangest show I've ever taped, Things got off to a good start when we ran across another member of the Keihin Four, These men seem to never learn the truth, After that I discovered that we could scatter a few items across Yagami's residence and what I discovered will surprise you!

I left there graduallymand after that it was time for me to meet Sana Mihama for a new date, I was much more successful this time than I was at the batting cage when I utterly disgraced myself.

Today, we were able to advance to the following chapter, which I believe to be the last one, Therefore, don't anticipate too many episodes of this series before the end, We had to meet with a lot of individuals in order to properly prepare our next step so it took some time to get to the next section, The Mole's destruction is currently our top priority and we must accomplish it well!

The last section is when things started to become strange Saori had to be enlisted once more but this time not in her capacity as hostess. Instead, we were forced to visit the ADDC in order to woo a peculiar man. I have no idea how to entice guys, As you'll see in the video things started to become pretty stinking odd and unpleasant, We can only hope that missions like that won't occur again in the future.

In any case thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video where we could already have finished the game, Looking forward to the resolution of this full mystery saga Leave now!

When you requested Saori for assistance what did he do?
Did he offer you the assistance?





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