My Introduction After Two Years of Creating Account

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Who will give me dollars in this selfish age? How can my blogs be paid without ads? Who raises the price of cryptocurrencies? There must be scam behind it. Someone will steal my privacy. If i will get succeed to accumulate cryptos, anyone will hack my wallet and control over it. These all questions and thoughts were in my mind when my account was created. i couldn't believe that my articles and posts can earn money. Because I'm from a place where you can't imagine this kind of things.

Unfortunately, i was totally wrong. i was stupid. i was timid. i was a believer of superstitions and fake news. i was fully mistaken. i should had believe in friends who said me about blurt blog. i should had checked it out. i must had run it for a period. At least, i should had post and see what happens.

O blurt! I couldn't recognize you. i couldn't know your value. i wasted my two years. Two years went in vain. How stupid I was! How silly boy i was! You can't imagine my repentance and sadness. I'm in deep sorrow and guilt. I'm understating myself very inferior and invaluable. How can i get my pride and confidence?

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I was in deep darkness. But now no more. Bad and stupid days have gone away. i will remain here steadily. i will work here hardly. i will make a space surely. i will come for all users softly. i will admit all rules and regulations fully. i will deal everyone purely. And I will accept all bad and good moments happily. Please welcome me warmly.


By the way, I'm MD Alam from India. I'm 25 year old. i am a graduate. i prefer to read articles and publications in English and Urdu languages. I also know Hindi language because it's our national language. I have passion for writing articles and stories. I like cricket so much and to play it is my hobby. I like different kinds of dishes of foods. My most favorite dish is mutton Briyani. And most delicious sweet is rasgulla. i love my mom very much. My dad is more. i miss him so much.

At the end of this introduction post, i would like to thank from the bottom of my heart my dear friend @nazirhussain who encouraged me a lot to work here and giving me some blurts for posting. He has a great and humble personality. He who has designed my cover page. Thank you my dear friend for your help and encouragement!

After about two years of creating my account, I'm presenting my introduction post. Hope all of you encourage me and help me to grow here.
Thank you all!

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We are blurttribe community, we welcome you to blurt, @blurttribe, you can share your ethnic, cultural, historical contents, feel free to express yourself and share them using the #blurttribe and stay away from plagiarism!!

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Blurt to the moon 🌕!!!!!

let bygones be bygones. Now start your journey on blurt. All the best and welcome back😊

Thank you for sharing such great content!
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No better time to start than now

Thank you very much!

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Welcome to blurt .
You should mention country name in profile in option of location.
Thank you

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As you told that you were in doubts then you are right that you had not posted anything but now if you have still any doubt then you should remove it because this is completely free platform and blockchain.
Feel free to write everything here.
Start posting here from now .
And enjoy.

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Welcome to the Blurt! Please follow us on Twitter-, Telegram-, Join our Official Discord server- Here

No problem that you have very late. To forget past is always better. Start fresh and show your good deed to the entire community. That's it my friend.

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Hi, @mdalam,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

Please consider voting for the witness @symbionts.
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Better Late than Never. Right?

I'm trying to imagine how much you would have grown your profile if you have been here for a whole two years. It's really beyond my imagination, but it's good to know that you are back.

Have fun here and grow your account genuinely

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Thank you for your encouraging words!

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