How I Met My Wife

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I originally posted this on facebook here

I never explained how my Wife and I met for people who might not know, so here it is for anyone who is interested. Everyone knows that I have been dealing with the DEA, etc, for years fighting for Religious Freedom, and I came back to Texas after going to Colorado for a FAFSA, and I didn't have any money and needed to be near the Courthouse, so Oct 2018 I went to the Dallas Life Homeless Shelter, I was there maybe 2 1/2 months, and while I was there Tamika came there as a Refugee of Hurricaine Harvey.

One day a guy named Dijon I had made friends with was talking to a girl I had seen but not talked to, and he told me she liked me and asked if I liked her, and I said "yeah" and he said we should talk. Then right after that I went to go help someone get something at the store who couldn't leave the property (because they were there with no job, and I live to help other people pretty much, that is most of what I do) and she thought I had run away from her and hid. I came back and we talked more, I went with her to help get her ID (she had no proof of who she was), and we just kept talking and talking. She told me that she first was in Love with me when I asked her if she thought the Sun knows people don't worship it as much, and she started talking to the Sun sometimes, thanking it, etc.

Then the shelter told us we weren't allowed to talk to each other anymore. So we would sneak off and talk off the property because I could leave and Tamika was working night security as the job they gave her. And we decided to go get married at the Courthouse, so we could just tell them we were Married. But then it got Racist, because they actually continued getting mad at us for being too close, and eventually found a reason to kick her out. And of course I went with her because we are Married, she is my Wife.

We still haven't had our real full blown wedding, we didn't even tell anyone before we got married at the Courthouse so neither of our families knew, but we are legally Married. And we are changing our last name to Van Kush.


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