My Actifit Report Card: November 27 2022

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As I didn't do any exercise on Saturday, today I went out for a fairly early run with my wife. The weather was a bit cloudy, but the sun did come out a couple of times. It was fairly chilly, but that is good conditions for running.

We did a little 6km run along through Chewton Keynsham and then did a bit of a hill session up and down Redlynch Lane. We only did three repeats, but it was enough to get us thoroughly worn out.

A large part of the afternoon was thoroughly annoying as we tried and failed to repair the flush on our toilet. It keeps leaking down the pan, so we presumed all it really needed was a new washer. All I can say is that these things are not designed to come apart and be mended easily.

After that, we lit the log burner and settled down to an evening in front of the TV. It wasn't particularly cold, but we seem to be getting a backlog of not quite dry washing. The warmth from the burner soon sorted that out.

Thank you for reading and I'll be back tomorrow.
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