December 5 2022 - Day 4 rehab

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So if you read my Day 0 post you will know I am trying to recover my body.

Today I increased my walking time further and felt quite confident about it. Thank god my balance is a lot better as even a few days ago I struggled walking to the end of the road and back. I don't feel like I am going to fall now.

My eyesight is better in the house. Its the longer distance outside which is hard. I can see the pavement in front of me, just about, but looking ahead down the street is not clear.

I decided to create a table for each day's progress because it will help me to see my progression as I recover.

DayDistance (km)TimeNotes
10.800:12:33Hard work
21.1200:15:07Walking easier but eyesight restrictive
31.700:20:20Feel confident looking down but lose balance looking up
42.6800:31:45Walking more natural but sight still difficult

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Each day is worth celebrating being #alive - life is a blessing full of challenges but full of love and hope.

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