My Actifit Report Card: September 18 2022

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I counted my fingers for this day from the beginning of the year. Finally Colombo International Book Fair started on the 16th of September. Each September there is a huge book fair organized by Sri Lanka Book Publishers' Association with the collaboration of all book publishers. We can buy books and stationaries at discount prices from the book fair and you can find any book in one place.

I visit the book fair continuously; last year there was no book fair due to COVID. So after two years, I went back to the book fair.


This time Harith and his sister joined me. As the parking of the BMICH is full we had to park in a street nearby and walk to the premises from the back gate. There was a lot to walk from stall to stall and shop to shop. As it was Saturday crowd was even high.

There were some areas we missed covering, but still, we stepped by all the main publications. It was too sunny outside, but it wasn't a problem as stalls are conditioned. We also followed correct health guidelines relevant to preventing COVID.


We spent like 3 hours walking and buying books and stationeries. We also purchased some books to distribute to school children on World Children's Day.

After finishing our book purchasing, we went to OneGalleFace Mall to grab something to eat. We walked through 4 floors just for window shopping. After that, we had lunch in the food court and return back home.

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