My Actifit Report Card: December 7 2022

in hive-193552 •  2 months ago 

They had predicted snow yesterday so I was prepared for a grueling walk today. Heavy walking shoes, thick scarf, winter coat and my peaky-blinders cap...
I looked like a real gangster, yes, but the cold wouldn't stop me...

And then ... it turned out once again how unreliable those weather reports are. I had just left when the sun started to shine, the wind had died down and the temperature rose to a pleasant 8 degrees Celsius. Perfect temperature for a brisk walk in winter... but also perfect for sweating.
When I got home I had put my cap in my coat pocket, pulled out my scarf and put my coat over my arm.

But, other than that sweating, it was a good walk. Both targets (10,000 steps and 10 km) were achieved and... with all that sweating I definitely lost another kg 🤪
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