My Actifit Report Card: September 27 2022

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Yesterday is lovely! The day started with beautiful weather. I had to take the commute to get to my work place. I rode in a jeepney and sat on the front seat.

I was alone, and I was free to take pictures on the sorrounding. I loved how nature looks everyday!

The blues, the greens and every color that I see, all of them are beautiful to me.

Thsi is my snack; flower biscuits and they taste like eggnog. The manager's wife brought this from bohol, it's a delicacy in that island of the country.

At 2 pm, the sky had dark clouds already. They re so scary yet beautiful to see. Ther is still beauty in dangerous things, right?

The rain poured a little later and lasted for a few hours.

When I went out form work , there is no rain and the light from the fence looked so wonderful. I used the night mode from my phone camera and clicked before the auto setting clicked.

All in all, my day is great and lovely. At night, I was able to spend the time with my family whom I loved the most.
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