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You can get a free account on the Hive blockchain with nothing but an email address! This also grants you access to Hive-Engine (a powerful token wallet and exchange), popular games like Splinterlands, and more. Normally there are costs, barriers, and delays involved in getting a Hive account, but to help fellow Blurt users, I'm making it free, easy, and fast.

[ Let me preface this by saying I was hurt badly by a cabal of downvoting bullies on Hive, and know a lot of others have hard feelings for the platform. I am not endorsing Hive, and not asking anyone to contribute or invest there. This service is meant for people who need a bare-bones Hive account (to use Hive-Engine until we have a Blurt-Engine, for example) and don't want to pay for it. ]

How to get a free Hive account:

  • email me ([email protected] with an available Hive username
  • I will create that account and reply to your email with a temporary master password
  • log in to your Hive wallet at, click the Change Password tab, then securely record your new master password and private keys

Note: If you need one, you can create a new email account on a service like Protonmail:

I can't provide advice or customer service along with the free account creation. The account's wallet will be empty, limiting its capabilities unless you decide to fund it with HIVE. One free account per human, please. This service will end when I run out of account creation tokens, which I generated through my investment and content on Hive over the past few years. They're the last thing of value I have on that blockchain, and I'm happy to use them up to help the Blurt community.


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I need a new one, after TheShittyShit nuked me to minus 6! 😂 I think you have my email... Can you send me a key? I want to do shit posts there AND BUY BLURT FROM IT!!!!

Thank you for the offer. What are the parameters enabling you to be with account creation capacity and create account with tokens? You mentioned investment and content over the years ok but to which extent to enable those features?

On Hive, since HardFork20, new accounts are created with Account Creation Tokens (ACTs). One way they are created is through expending Resource Credits (RCs), which are basically a product of your Hive Power (investment and accumulated content rewards). RCs regenerate at a set rate, kind of how Voting Power does. The more HP you have, the more RCs you have, and the more ACTs you can generate. Some front ends have this capability built in, such as PeakD's wallet. When I had around 20k HP, I had a lot of RCs, and I was able to generate an ACT every 36 hours or so. All that was required was that I remember to do so, log in, and click a few buttons. After about a year, I had nearly 200 of them. When I powered down, I lost the ability to generate more, but they never expire, so I've currently got 192.

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Thank you for this wonderful and clear answer.

Awesome, that you are doing this mate!🏆

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Is there any chance of finding out that an account on Hive has been blacklisted or deprived of voting by bots because it criticised the downvote button?

Good question, I wonder that too.
I don't understand how Hive works, even after years there. I'm a simple content-creator! But it would be nice to know the details of how things work. Then again, it's quite a mess, and fundamentally flawed, so the best thing would be to just scrap it. I like Blurt's approach by far.

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Habe already one. But thanks.

A little bisschen german in that? 😂😜😉 Genau dasselbe ist mir auch schon passiert! 😂

I will check it out. I used to be on Hive but I left because I did not understand how it works. I will start afresh with that link. Thank you

There's no need for you to create another account. This service is only for people who need a Hive account for a specific purpose.

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